The 7 Best Healthy Snacks to Buy in 2018

Stock up on these satisfying foods

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When your blood sugar drops and a snack attack hits, you want to be prepared. While some potato chips or a cookie might satisfy your taste buds immediately, these sugar and salt-laden options won't keep you feeling full for long at all. Rather, snacks with high fiber, healthy fats, and ample protein will satiate you until your next meal.

It would be great if we had all the time and energy to make healthy homemade snacks for every occasion, but the fact is most of us don’t. Fortunately, there are a host of pre-packaged snacks that offer healthy options. Of course, that doesn’t mean any of them can be eaten with abandon, but for an occasional snack when fresh fruit and vegetables aren’t an option, these snacks stack up pretty well.

Read on for the best healthy snack options you can buy now.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Rxbar® Chocolate Sea Salt Protein Bar

Rxbar® Chocolate Sea Salt Protein Bar - 7.32oz
Courtesy of Target

These Rxbars raise the bar when it comes to protein bars that taste good and are good for you. The ingredients are listed right there on the front of the bar’s packaging, as bold as can be: 3 egg whites, 6 almonds, 4 cashews, 2 dates.

They come in a variety of flavors including apple cinnamon, blueberry and, coffee chocolate. The chocolate sea salt version contains 210 calories, 12 grams of protein, and 14 grams of sugar (none of which is added sugar). Customers love the taste and the simple list of ingredients in Rxbars.

Best Budget: Justin's Maple Almond Butter Squeeze Packs

For a protein-packed snack on the go, these maple almond butter packs from Justin’s are hard to beat. Each 1.15-ounce pouch has 6 grams of protein, 2 grams of fiber, and just 3 grams of sugar. They’re great for squeezing onto fruit or crackers or just eating right from the pouch plain. And talk about easy: just throw them into a lunchbox, backpack, or your car for anytime you need a quick and filling snack. They don’t need any refrigeration.

Justin’s also offers other flavors including classic peanut, honey peanut, classic almond, honey almond, vanilla almond, and chocolate hazelnut. When you buy these squeeze packs in bulk, they're a super affordable way to fuel up midday.

Best Yogurt: Siggis Skyr Vanilla Icelandic Style Yogurt

For those workdays when you need a mid-morning snack to help you make it to lunch, this Icelandic-style yogurt from Siggi’s is a much better choice than those candy bars in the vending machine. With just 100 calories and 0 grams of fat, each yogurt cup also packs 14 grams of protein. The ingredients are all natural since the milk comes from grass-fed cows. Siggi's also comes in a variety of flavors including vanilla, raspberry, and strawberry.

Take note that this snack option does contain 9 grams of sugar, but that’s quite a bit less than other yogurts, which can have as many as 25 grams of sugar. While this brand is a bit more expensive than other yogurts, customers rave about the taste. “There is no comparison in the yogurt aisle,” one reviewer wrote.

Best for Energy: CLIF Bar - Chocolate Chip

Whether you’re hiking a challenging trail or just trying to get through a day of carpools and grocery shopping, there are times we all need a boost of energy. These bars from Cliff offer a great option.

Made with organic rolled oats, this chocolate chip version has 250 calories, 5 grams of fat and 9 grams of protein. Half a bar may be enough for a light snack and there are 21 grams of sugar too, so you need to be mindful of that if you're watching your sugar intake.

This bar comes in a host of other flavors including cool mint chocolate, peanut toffee buzz, and carrot cake. These bars have a devoted following of fans who love the flavors, texture, and nutritional components.

Best High Protein: Chef's Cut Tender Real Steak Jerky

To pack some protein into snack time, try this jerky from Chef's Cut. Made from real steak, each 1-ounce serving contains 90 calories, 2.5 grams of fat and 10 grams of protein. It’s also gluten-free and nitrate-free and perfect for anyone eating a paleo diet.

Rather than being tough and overly chewy like some jerky, this one is tender. “So tender that it practically melts in my mouth,” one reviewer noted. “This stuff is the best meat I’ve ever tasted that comes from a bag,” wrote another. More than 55 percent of the almost 200 reviewers on Amazon gave this jerky five stars.

Best Vegan: Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie, Chocolate Chip

Sometimes you just need a cookie. For those times when you want a sweet treat but don’t want to go too far off the healthy path, there’s The Complete Cookie. Packed with 4 grams of fiber and 8 grams of protein, these chocolate chip cookies are firm yet chewy. You can’t go wrong dunking one in a big glass of milk. Plus, this snack is great for any vegans looking for a healthy and quick option.

They contain no dairy, eggs, soy, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial sweeteners. The cookies are individually wrapped too, which makes stopping at just one a bit easier. (Note that one serving is ½ of a cookie.) The Complete Cookie also comes in several other flavors including peanut butter and birthday cake, so you won't get bored of this sweet snack.

Best Nuts: Emerald Nuts 100 Calorie Packs Variety Sampler Pack

Nuts are a great source of protein and heart-healthy omega 3s, and their crunchy, salty qualities make them delicious alternatives to a bag of oil-laden chips. The trouble is, it’s hard to stop with just a handful. That’s why these 100-calorie packs from Emerald are so great. Not only are they easy to take on the go, but they provide a great portion size.

This sampler pack contains nine different flavors to add variety to your snacking. It includes dill pickle, sriracha and jalapeno cashews, dry roasted and cocoa roast almonds as well as an almond and walnut blend with dried cherries. While some of the flavors sound a bit odd, combined with the crunch of the nuts, they’re delicious and satisfying.

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