The 7 Best Gloves for Spartan Races of 2020

Kill the race with an upgraded grip

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Spartan Fit Four OCR Slit Grip Race Gloves at Amazon

"Provide the function and grip for competing at a high level."

Best Budget: SIMARI Training Gloves at Amazon

"Well rounded and surprisingly inexpensive."

Best for Full Range of Motion: Spartan Neo Grip Gloves at Amazon

"Allow for more hand movement."

Best Grip: ETHOS Half Finger Gloves at

"Three-fourth-finger with a full back."

Best for Summer Races: Fit Active Sports Ventilated Gloves at Amazon

"Work well in water as well as with oil and heat."

Best for Winter Races: FREETOO Tactical Gloves at Amazon

"Designed for military use as well as on the obstacle course."

Best for Ropes: NeoSport Gloves at Amazon

"A unique design that will help you get the grip you need."

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Spartan Fit Four OCR Slit Grip Race Gloves

Spartan Race Gloves


Branded and sold by Spartan, the Fit Four OCR Slit Grip Race Gloves are head and shoulders above the other options and designed specifically, and exclusively, for Spartan races. They're made to give you the function and grip necessary for competing at a high level, but don’t have any of the bulky aspects found on more versatile gloves. 

These Official Race Day Gloves are three-fourth-finger, with water-resistant silicone grips in a honeycomb pattern on the palm and low fingers. The back is open and the front is thumbless for optimal range of motion. They strap securely around the wrist with an easy-to-use, stretchable ribbed band. Made from compression-material, these gloves can be paired with wrist protection or other gear.

Best Budget: SIMARI Training Gloves

When running a Spartan race, you want a glove that offers some grip, cushioning, and a great fit. SIMARI training gloves are an excellent option—they’re well rounded and surprisingly inexpensive. 

These three-fourth-finger, backless gloves offer excellent wrist support as well as palm padding—useful for people who are overcoming injuries to compete in Spartan races. Made of microfiber, lycra, and terry cloth, the SIMARI gloves have an array of fabrics to provide optimal comfort, padding, and grip. They're breathable and feature grips on the palm and fingers and a secure closure on the wrist.

Best for Full Range of Motion: Fit Four Spartan OCR Neo Grip Gloves

These official Spartan Race gloves are a popular option for racers who want to have a full range of movement with their hands but need more grip. These finger-only, fingerless gloves sound like a paradox, but their minimalist design has emerged as a popular option for conquering the unique obstacles of a Spartan Race. 

These connected finger sleeves deliver both cushioning for hard obstacles and extra grip. The neoprene gloves keep your knuckles warm and moving while the silicone, honeycomb grips on the front are crucial for grabbing everything whether it's muddy or wet. This Spartan-approved product is the first to come up with this unique design and is tested for Spartan races. Made with compression band design and double stitching, these gloves are tough, comfortable, and available in XS through XL sizes for men.

Best Grip: ETHOS Half Finger Training Gloves

ETHOS Training Gloves


These sporty, red and black gloves from ETHOS are three-fourth-finger with a full back and a Velcro fastening wrist. The glove’s palm is particularly well made and where this superior grip comes from.

ETHOS gloves are made with a microfiber construction, perforated for breathability, and specially designed with silicone printing on the fingers and palm for water-resistant grip. The back of the glove is also ventilated with mesh material. Ideal for Spartan Races, these ETHOS training gloves also are available in styles with full fingers. 

Best for Summer Races: Fit Active Sports Ventilated Gloves

When you’re competing in a Spartan Race in the heat of summer, you’ll want the benefits of a great pair of gloves, but none of the warmth. Try the Fit Active Sports Ventilated Gloves to keep things cool while still getting the best grip. 

These “gloves” attach at the wrist and fingers, covering only the palm and lower fingers. This means that you get the gripping benefit of the silicone-printed neoprene on your thumb, palm, and fingers, but everything else is open to breathe. These gloves work well in water as well as with oil and heat. Also made with padding throughout and a secure wrist closure, you’ll feel good wearing these Fit Active gloves during a warm race. This pair is also a great option for weight lifting, cross-training, and much more.

Best for Winter Races: FREETOO Tactical Gloves

Winter Spartan races aren’t just cold, they can be rough on your hands. Cold fingers, scraped knuckles, and an icy palm can slow you down as you try to conquer the obstacle course. Instead, consider a pair of FREETOO tactical gloves that don’t just keep your hands warm—they provide unparalleled protection. 

These tactical gloves are designed for military and police use as well as for obstacle courses. Made with a combination of microfiber, double-layer leather, and PU as well as rubber-padded knuckles, a cushioned palm, and double-stitching, these gloves protect from scratches, abrasion, blows, and most damage. The full-finger gloves can keep you warm, but the breathable back also keeps you from overheating in the summer. The FREETOO gloves have the anti-skid palms you need for grip on the Spartan course and a tough velcro wrist enclosure to keep them secure.

Best for Ropes: NeoSport Gloves

When it comes to the obstacles in a Spartan Race, the one that leaves most competitors wanting gloves is the rope climb. NeoSport gloves have a unique design that will help you get the grip you need to make it to the top.

These three-fourth-finger gloves sport padded palms and fingers that are made with synthetic leather, so you'll stick right to the rope, walls, and more. They work well in wet and dry environments and dry out very quickly (a huge plus when you're going through all of those water obstacles). Soft and tough, these gloves are optimal for Spartan races and many other sports including cycling and wakeboarding.

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