Best Gifts for Men Who Love Yoga

Shopping for guys can be hard, but it just got a little easier for those of you with yogis in your life. We've searched out ten fun, stylish, useful, well-made products, some of which are designed especially for men. 


Extra wide, extra long, and extra thick, the Jade Fusion XW takes the classic natural rubber yoga mat to new proportions for a more comfortable practice experience for big guys. The Fusion is almost twice as thick as the popular Harmony mat, plus the XW edition adds 4 inches in width and up to 12 inches in length. 


The aptly named Now pant from Manduka is representative of what's popular in a men's yoga pant right now: the comfort and functionality of a stretchy fabric plus the style of a jogger. The narrow legs can be pushed up the calf or left to taper at the ankle. 


You love their classic stainless steel water bottles for cold drinks; now you can step up to the 64-ounce growler version. Fill with your beverage of choice, whether it's beer, bullet-proof coffee, or kombucha and you're ready to share with your friends. 


Maintaining good posture throughout the workday is tough for most of us, but can make such a big difference in how you feel, not to mention helping to prevent back pain. Enter the Lumo Lift, a wearable bit of technology along the lines of a Fitbit but designed specifically to remind you to sit up straight. It's all part of integrating yoga practices into your daily life.


Indo Boards are super popular balance trainers for skate and snowboarders. Their Yoga Board simulates the instability of ​yoga on a paddleboard, revealing your imbalances and cultivating core strength. Indo board classes are starting to pop up at yoga studios, so practicing this at home could put you on the cutting edge of a new yoga trend.


Just need a way to keep track of your mat and the contents of your pockets? For guys on the go, a stripped-down over the shoulder mat sling with a cool accessory pouch for your what-nots. It's like a fanny pack eloped with a mat strap. Problem solved.


In Hell-Bent, Writer Benjamin Lorr takes us deep inside the world of Bikram yoga, reporting as a participant in Bikram's teacher training and as a competitive yoga contestant, plus managing to include lots of yoga history, scientific research, and philosophy along the way. It's a fascinating, page-turning read about a man's journey in and back out of a yoga obsession. Get it for the long form non-fiction lover in your life.


Guys sweat, sometimes a lot, and this can make for a slippery situation in yoga class. The Yogities Skidless promises to improve your grip so you can concentrate on your alignment instead of trying not to fall down.


Let's face the facts: Most yoga mat bags are designed for women. They resemble handbags and come in beautiful silky fabrics. So how's a guy supposed to get his yoga gear around town? The Hotdog Rollpack is chock full of compartments and pockets so you can keep track of all your stuff. It holds any size mat and, best of all, features an ingenious garment bag design to keep your street clothes from getting crumpled and sweaty.

Blooming Lotus Jewelry Grounding Wrist Mala

Blooming Lotus Jewelry Men's Wrist Mala
Courtesy of Blooming Lotus Jewelry

A simple, beautiful bracelet made of black onyx beads for grounding energy and to support positivity. If color is more your thing, Blooming Lotus Jewelry has lost of other options for wrist malas in browns, blues, pinks, purples, and yellows.