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Harry & David has the most variety and best quality for a reasonable price

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Our Top Picks

Fruit of the month clubs have a long history of delighting users with fresh-picked produce from near and far. Subscribing to a fruit of the month club on a monthly rotation or purchasing customizable boxes can add novelty to your daily intake of fruit, allow you to conveniently sample tropical or hard-to-come-by fruits, or simply make a lovely gift.

The best options are moderately priced, offer plenty of variety, and send the right amount of fruit for you and your family to enjoy. We’ve scoured the market to create a list of the best fruit of the month clubs for you here.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Harry & David

Harry and David

Harry and David

Why We Chose It: This classic fruit of the month company tops our list for variety, aesthetics, and price.

  • Multiple fruit of the month club options (plus numerous other food gifts)

  • Moderate price point

  • Long company history is an indicator of quality

  • Beautiful packaging is aesthetically appealing

  • Not all club options offer organic fruit

  • Sources some fruit from overseas, adding to carbon footprint

  • Not always clear about how much fruit comes in each basket

Harry & David is synonymous with quality—and for good reason. Since 1934, this company has sent mail-order boxes of fresh, delicious fruit all across the country. Today, it offers a solid assortment of the fruit of the month club subscriptions, plus multiple additional club options and add-ons like bakery goods, popcorn, meats, and wine. For fruit, you’ll have your choice of eight different clubs, including an organic fruit club, a fruit and cheese club, citrus fruit club, and others. 

The Signature Light Collection box is the lowest-priced of the bunch, starting at around $22 per month for 12 months. On the other end of the spectrum are the Fresh Fruit and Cheese Club (about $33 per month for 12 months) and the Presidential Fruit of the Month Club, which features a mix of exotic fruits for (approximately $31 per month for 12 months).

For every subscription, you can choose from three-, six-, nine-, or 12-month memberships. (The longer the subscription, the more the savings.) Each selection of fruit is beautifully packaged, making Harry & David an excellent choice for gift-giving.

Harry & David does come with a few drawbacks. The company is transparent about the fact that not all of its products are organic and that many of its fruits are harvested in other countries like Chile, New Zealand, and Argentina. (You can visit its Harvest Report page to find out where each month’s fruits were sourced.) While this means you’ll enjoy high-quality fruits grown in ideal weather conditions, it does add to your box’s carbon footprint. It’s also not entirely clear how many pounds of fruit each box contains.

Best Budget: Great Clubs Fruit Gift of the Month

Great Clubs Fruit Gift of the Month

Great Clubs Fruit Gift of the Month

Why We Chose It: Great Clubs ships the most fruit for the best value.

  • Sizable amount of fruit for the lowest price

  • Deliveries can ship every one, two, or three months

  • Good variety of fruits throughout the year

  • No options for customization

  • Information not available on where fruit is harvested

  • Fruits are not organic

Some fruit box delivery companies are vague about how much produce actually arrives in each of its boxes. With Great Clubs Fruit Gift of the Month, however, it’s crystal clear: Each monthly box contains 5 pounds of two varieties of fresh fruit. Although you can’t choose which two fruits will arrive in your box, selections may include pears, honey tangerines, kiwi, cherries, and other familiar favorites. 

Great Clubs also allows you to specify whether you’d like a membership for two, three, four, six, or 12 months—and each of these memberships can be spread out over one-, two-, or three-month intervals. The 12-month plan is about $36 per month, but even the highest-priced two-month plan isn’t far behind at around $38. Compared to other fruit subscriptions, Great Clubs stands out for its moderate prices and large quantities.

Great Clubs is a fairly straightforward service, with each box featuring just fruit and a ”fruit expeditions” newsletter. This educational info provides fun facts about the contents of the box (such as the history of kiwi or the best way to slice a mango). If you enjoy more variety, though, the company does feature numerous other boxes for subscription, such as chocolate of the month, coffee of the month, or wine of the month. Its Mix Your Clubs option allows you to alternate between your fruit box and another box each month.

Best for Organic Fruit: The Fruit Guys

The Fruit Guys

The Fruit Guys

Why We Chose It: Add a seasonal bounty of organic fruits to your monthly rotation with The Fruit Guys.

  • Fruit is not only organic, but locally sourced for your zip code

  • Comprehensive, easy-to-use website

  • Multiple box options available

  • Partners with small farms

  • Extras like veggies, snacks, and teas are only available as separate boxes

  • Since produce is usually local, variety may be limited

Produce that’s farmed organically, rather than conventionally, can minimize water usage, reduce greenhouse gases, and promote biodiversity and soil health. If you’re looking to do your part for the planet, check out The Fruit Guys. In business since 1998, this California-based company sends local, organic, seasonal produce from more than 11 distribution hubs throughout the country. 

Simply enter your zip code to set your location. From there, you’ll have your choice of several monthly boxes of local-to-you fruits, veggies, snacks, and teas. For fruit alone, you can select from three options: the Staples Mix, Harvest Mix, or the Season’s Best Box. All fruit shipped by The Fruit Guys is USDA-certified organic and non-GMO, and the company partners with over 200 small farms to create their boxes.

The Fruit Guys’ fruit boxes come in small, medium, or large sizes, with pricing from roughly $32 to $82 per box. And although the company doesn’t specify how many pounds of fruit arrive in each box, it offers an estimate of how many people each will serve. Small boxes contain 16 servings, medium boxes feed 25 or more, and large boxes feature 50-plus servings.

Best for Tropical Fruit: Miami Fruit

Miami Fruit

Miami Fruit

Why We Chose It: Miami Fruit’s extensive selection of tropical fruits brings the flavors of the tropics to your doorstep any time of year.

  • Multiple boxes available, including individual tropical fruits and variety packs

  • Four-month subscription saves 30%

  • Harvests from small farms in south Florida

  • Company states all fruits are grown sustainably, but not all are organic

  • Fruit may take up to two weeks to ship

  • More expensive than some traditional boxes

If you're looking for a one-stop shop for tropical fruit, Miami Fruit is ideal. Hailing from South Florida (as you might expect from their name), Miami Fruit harvests tropical fruits from its very own farm, as well as others in the southern portion of the state. 

To sample a little bit of everything—from bananas to mangoes to watermelon guava—you can opt for Miami Fruit’s Variety Box. This pre-selected option costs roughly $77 for a one-time small box purchase or about $54 per box for four months. (Want your fruit even more frequently? Opt for delivery every one, two, three, or four weeks.) A small box contains 3 to 5 pounds of fruit, but other box sizes (large, extra-large, and bulk) ship up to 45 pounds. Choose carefully to select the amount of fruit that fits your needs. 

For those who like individual tropical fruits, Miami Fruit also offers over a dozen boxes of specific choices, such as dragonfruit, atemoya, star apples, and more. These vary in price, starting at about $47. Other add-ons available include jaboticaba jelly, sea moss, and noni juice.

According to the company’s website, all fruits shipped are grown sustainably, but not all are organic. And because of the fickle nature of tropical fruit growing, local fruits may not ripen on an exact timetable. For this reason, ordering from Miami Fruit might require some patience, as your box may not ship for up to two weeks after you place an order.

Best for Cheese Pairings: A Gift Inside

A Gift Inside

A Gift Inside

Why We Chose It: With A Gift Inside, fruit and cheese boxes take the guesswork out of perfect pairings. 

  • Low prices

  • Allows for customization

  • Six fruit of the month club options, two of which include cheese

  • Only one box size

  • No add-ons available

  • No information on sourcing or sustainability

As any foodie can attest, fruit goes well with many other foods—especially cheese. Among its many box options, A Gift Inside can enhance your monthly experience with two cheesy choices: the Light Monthly Fruit and Cheese Club and Premium Monthly Fruit and Cheese Club. These boxes feature your choice of up to two cheese selections that pair well with the fruits included in the box. On a month that features dark sweet cherries, for example, you might select brie, goat cheese, or both. Ripening instructions and tasting notes round out the boxes’ perks for cheese lovers.

Of course, if you’d prefer to receive just fruit, A Gift Inside can accommodate this as well. Monthly boxes rotate through a seasonal variety of fresh, colorful fruits like mangoes, oranges, pomegranates, and even avocados. Choose from two fruit options each month, or mix them together. A Gift Inside also offers options for organic boxes (but doesn’t provide information on sustainability or where the fruits were grown).

A Gift Inside’s prices start surprisingly low. A simple, single-fruit box, which provides two to three pounds of fruit, only costs about $23 per month for a 12-month subscription. Prices increase from there, with subscriptions available for as many months as you’d like, between two and 12. Two months of the Premium Monthly Fruit and Cheese Club are the most expensive at around $50 per month.

Best for Super Fruits: The Fruit Company

The Fruit Company

The Fruit Company

Why We Chose It: We chose The Fruit Company because it offers nutrient-rich superfruits that have more health benefits than regular fruits.

  • Four box club options

  • Excellent variety of nutrient-dense fruits

  • Family-owned, in business since 1999

  • Small quantities of fruit for the price

  • Limited information about sourcing and sustainability

  • No customization options

All fruits are nutritious, but some pack more nutrients per ounce than others. These superior fruits are referred to as superfruits, and while there’s no one definition of what “counts” as a super fruit, antioxidant-rich choices like berries, plums, and citrus fruits usually fall under this umbrella. To get more of these health-boosting nibbles in your diet, look no further than The Fruit Company. 

By signing up for this service, you’ll have the chance to subscribe to any one of four monthly boxes, all of which include super fruits. The Americana box, which starts at roughly $99 for three months, supplies a different mix of fruits each month, including nutrient superstars like blueberries, ruby red grapefruit, and dark sweet cherries. The Organic, Exotica, and Medley boxes do the same with somewhat different fruits at slightly higher price points. 

All Fruit Company boxes come with size options of classic, grand, deluxe, and executive. The range here is quite large, so take careful note of how many pieces of fruit you’ll be getting. The classic includes only approximately four fruits (except for certain items like berries) while the executive comes with about 30 pieces. And the only add-on here is rather unique: a watercolor art box can be added to your order for about $9.

Final Verdict

For a fruit of the month club with competitive prices, beautiful presentation, and unparalleled variety, we’re sold on Harry & David. Multiple monthly options featuring organic fruits, exotic options, cheese pairings, and more provide endless customization for every desire, while add-ons make boxes feel extra special. Plus, boxes start as low as around $27 per month—among the lowest prices on our list. It’s easy to see why Harry & David has established itself for so long as a reliable, high-quality option.  

How to Choose a Fruit of the Month Club

There’s one perfect fruit of the month subscription for everyone. A tropical fruit club might be a convenient fix for those who have trouble finding jackfruit or lychees close to home, for example, while every day Granny Smiths might do just as well for others. Aside from budget, don’t forget to weigh how much an attractive presentation matters to you. Some higher-priced boxes arrive with loads of lovely flair, while others are more utilitarian (and, usually, less expensive).

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Fruit of the Month Clubs Cost? 

Fruit of the month clubs range not only in price but in the amount of fruit you’ll get in each box. So although you may notice base prices around $20 to $50 per month, it’s important to read the fine print to discover the price per pound. This may be anywhere from around $7 per pound to upwards of about $40 for specialty exotic fruits.

Are Fruit of the Month Clubs Worth It? 

If you simply want to get more fruit in your diet, subscribing to a fruit of the month club might not be worth the dent in your budget. Depending on where you live, it’s entirely possible you could source your own variety of fresh, delicious fruits (even specialty options) for a lower price than most subscriptions offer. However, as a thoughtful gift, a fun way to boost interest in healthy food, or a means of acquiring hard-to-find global produce, a fruit of the month club might serve you well.

What Comes in a Fruit of the Month Club Subscription?

Fruits from far and wide are available via club subscriptions, so whether you’re hankering for durian from Thailand or apples from the American heartland, you’re in luck. Some services offer individual fruit boxes that feature just one variety per month, while others contain a pre-selected mélange of different fruits. Additionally, several clubs on our list feature delicious add-ons like cheeses, chocolates, or nuts to elevate your experience.


Price and variety were two major considerations in the creation of our list of best fruit of the month clubs. High-cost subscriptions that offered only a handful of fruit types didn’t make the cut. Rather, we included only services we felt provided an intriguing assortment of fruits at a reasonable price point. Easy usability of the company’s website and nationwide delivery were other musts.

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