The 9 Best Frisbees of 2021

Find your ideal disc, whether you're at the beach or playing golf

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Easy-to-use and super inexpensive, frisbees (or flying discs) are a great toy to have on hand for backyard play or fun while hanging out at the beach or park. They’re also necessary equipment for competitive games like disc golf and ultimate frisbee.

Whether you’re looking to get a first flying disc for your kids or add to your collection, a quality frisbee will bring fun to the whole family. Not to mention, it's a great way to get some outdoor exercise!

Here are the best frisbees on the market.

Our Top Picks
Perfect for serious competition or leisure play, it has the ideal weight and stability for even, precise throws.
The fun can continue at nighttime with this light-up flying disc, which features LED technology and illuminates with one button.
Best for Long Distance Throws:
Aerobie Pro Ring at Amazon
Previously used to set a Guinness World Record, its thin design allows it to travel longer distances.
Perfect for tossing and catching at the beach, it weighs more than the average frisbee but is still suitable for all skill levels.
The set features three discs—including one driver, one mid-range, and one putter—and is especially suited for beginners.
At just 5.9 inches in diameter, it’s perfect for folding up and sticking in your pocket or bag so you’re always ready to play.
Best for Ultimate Frisbee:
Innova Pulsar Ultimate Disc at Dick's
A top choice for any fan of ultimate frisbee, it works for both competitive or recreational play.
Easy for small hands to hold, these discs are designed to fly straight and can be caught with only one hand.
Dog owners will appreciate this durable and easy-to-toss pick, which allows for jumping and catching mid-flight.

Best Overall: Discraft Ultra-Star Sport Disc

Discraft Ultra-Star Sport Disc
  • Good for competitive or recreational use

  • Easy to hold and throw

  • Streamlined and aerodynamic design

  • Hard plastic may not be ideal for young kids

If you’re looking for an all-around, classic frisbee, you can’t go wrong with the extremely popular Discraft Ultra Star Sport Disc. As the official disc of the USA Ultimate Championship Series since 1991, it’s perfect for serious competition, but even the average frisbee player can enjoy its perfectly shaped contoured grip and aerodynamic engineering.

Made of durable premium plastic, it has the ideal weight and stability for even, precise throws. It comes in a variety of fun colors, including a glow-in-the-dark option.

Material: Plastic | Size: 10.75-inch diameter

Best Light-Up: Nite Ize Flashflight LED Flying Disc

Nite Ize Flashflight LED Flying Disc
  • Full illumination from center to rim

  • Four different color options

  • Water-resistant and floats

  • Batteries are not that easy to change

Frisbee enthusiasts can keep the fun going into the night with this light-up flying disc. Available in red, blue, green, and in two color-changing options, it features LED technology and an innovative design that illuminates the entire disc with just the touch of a button.

Designed by a professional ultimate frisbee player, this flying disc is suitable for serious sport play or just backyard fun. And if you’re playing near a pool or body of water, you don’t have to worry about errant throws, because the durable, plastic disc is water-resistant and floats.

Material: Plastic | Size: 10.6 inches

Best for Long Distance Throws: Aerobie Pro Ring

Aerobie Pro Ring
  • Aerodynamic design allows for long flight

  • Easy to throw

  • Rubber edges for easy catching

  • Doesn’t float

If you love tossing a frisbee to see how far it can go, check out the Aerobie Pro Outdoor Flying Disc. According to the manufacturer, it was used to set a world record for the farthest throw, an incredible 1,330 feet.

The thin, aerodynamic design of this 13-inch flying disc allows it to travel longer distances, and the ring shape and soft rubber edges make it easy to catch. The open center also lets you personalize your throwing and catching style, allowing you to grab the edge or use the center to catch it around your arm or foot.

Material: Rubber edges | Size: 13-inch diameter

Best for the Beach: INNOVA Big Kahuna Heavyweight Ultimate Throw and Catch Disc

INNOVA Big Kahuna Heavyweight Ultimate Throw and Catch Disc
  • Great for windy conditions

  • Fun colors and designs

  • Very durable

  • May be too heavy for kids

This heavyweight disc is perfect for tossing and catching during windy days at the beach or when you want to add some power to your throw. At 7 ounces, it weighs more than the average frisbee but is still suitable for all skill levels and for both recreational or competitive play. The heavier weight may not be suitable for smaller kids, though.

Made of durable plastic, it’s very catch-friendly and comes in lots of fun colors and designs.

Material: Plastic | Size: 10.8-inch diameter

Best Set: Innova Disc Golf Set 3-Pack

Innova Disc Golf Set 3-Pack
  • Comes with three different discs of different weights

  • Ideal for disc golf playing

  • Allows for accurate throws

  • Pricier than buying one all-purpose flying disc

Similar to a set of golf clubs, this disc golf collection comes with specialized flying discs that make hitting that perfect shot a lot easier to achieve. The set features three discs, all with a specific purpose, in three easy-to-throw weights. Suitable for all players, but especially beneficial for beginners, it includes one driver, one mid-range, and one putter.

All discs are approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) and are made from grippy, beginner-friendly plastic. The set takes a lot of the guesswork out of the game of disc golf, helping you boost both your scores and enjoyment level.

Materials: Plastic | Size: 8.5-inch diameter

Best Portable: Waboba Wingman Flying Disc

Waboba Wingman Flying Disc
  • Compact and portable

  • Soft and safe

  • Easy to catch and throw

  • Not as durable as plastic frisbees

  • Doesn’t float

Don’t let this compact flying disc fool you, it will fly straight and very far. Made of soft silicone material, you can catch it easily by squishing it in your hand. Plus, you don’t have to worry about hurting someone or damaging anything with it.

With a 5.9-inch diameter and weighing in at 1.8 ounces, it’s perfect for folding up and sticking in your pocket or bag so you’re always ready to play.

Materials: Silicone | Size: 5.9-inch diameter

Best for Ultimate Frisbee: Innova Pulsar Ultimate Disc

Innova Pulsar Ultimate Disc
  • Ideal for ultimate frisbee

  • Allows for accurate throws

  • Durable

  • May not be ideal for young kids

The Innova Pulsar Ultimate Disc is a top choice for any fan of ultimate frisbee. Ideal for competitive or recreational play, it features a durable and rigid plastic construction that can help you achieve accurate throws to the end zone.

It’s also suitable for disc golf or backyard freestyle throwing.

Materials: Plastic | Size: 10.8-inch diameter

Best for Kids: Activ Life Kid's Flying Rings (2 Pack)

Activ Life Kid's Flying Rings (2 Pack)
  • Ideal for kids 3 years old and up

  • Lightweight, aerodynamic

  • Floats

  • Not good for dogs

Suitable for indoor, outdoor, or even pool fun, these discs are the perfect size for small hands to hold. The aerodynamic, lightweight design also makes throwing much simpler and more comfortable for kids.

The hole in the middle of the discs ensures they'll fly straighter than traditional flying discs and makes catching with one hand a lot easier. Although it only weighs 1.2 ounces, the ring can still travel up to 80 feet, so kids can try to increase their distance as their skills improve.

Material: Plastic | Size: N/A

Best for Dogs: ChuckIt! Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy

ChuckIt! Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy
  • Affordable

  • Comes in two sizes

  • Easy to toss and carry

  • May not hold up to intense chewing

Need a frisbee for endless games of fetch? Dogs and owners will both appreciate the durable and easy-to-toss Chuckit! Paraflight Frisbee, which is made especially for our four-legged friends. Aerodynamic and developed for long-distance throws, it gradually descends, allowing for jumping and catching mid-flight.

Chuckit! is made from nylon and rubber and is incredibly buoyant in water, so it’s a great choice for playing with your pooch at the beach or lake. It’s available in two sizes, small (6.5 inches) and large (9.6 inches), so it’s great for all sizes and breeds.

Materials: Nylon and rubber | Size: 9.6-inch and 6.5-inch diameters

Final Verdict

For quality, durability, and performance, you can’t go wrong with the extremely popular Discraft Ultra Star Sport Disc (view at Amazon). Suitable for beginners as well as for more experienced frisbee enthusiasts, it’s perfect for ultimate frisbee games or casual catches at the beach or in the backyard. If you want to introduce kids to frisbee throwing and catching, the Activ Life Kid's Flying Rings 2-Pack (view at Amazon) is a safe choice that's very beginner-friendly.

What to Look for in a Frisbee


Most frisbees are made from some type of plastic, which makes them durable, inexpensive, easy to throw and control, and a cinch to clean. However, getting hit with a hard plastic disc can be painful, so it may not be the best material for kids. Fortunately, some kid-friendly frisbees are made from softer materials, such as foam or silicone, so they’re perfect for young kids who are learning how to throw and catch flying discs.


The standard weight for flying discs can range anywhere from 6 to 7 ounces. While many prefer a light disc, others like some extra weight for longer distances and more control in windy conditions.


Frisbees often hit trees, roads, driveways, and rocks and frequently get left outdoors in the sun or in unfavorable weather conditions. Flying discs made of quality, hard plastic can withstand lots of abuse and will last longer, so it’s worth spending a few extra bucks on a durable one, rather than selecting a flimsy, less expensive option that won't last.


How do I play frisbee?

From ultimate frisbee to disc golf to a basic catch at the beach, there are lots of ways to play frisbee and all of them require you to know how to toss correctly. To throw a frisbee, first, grip the disc properly, then step across your body, keep your feet shoulder-width apart, and point your throwing shoulder at your target. While keeping the disc flat, swing your arm toward your target and snap your wrist to release it.

How do I hold a frisbee?

Holding a frisbee properly is crucial to making a good toss. For a basic forehand throw, you should grip the rim of the disc in the palm of your hand. Your thumb should be on top and your four fingers wrapped around the edge.

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