The 7 Best Types of Foot Massagers to Buy in 2018

Relieve tired feet in the comfort of your home

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If you’re constantly working out or doing activities that involve the use of your feet (like running, biking, skiing, CrossFit, and a slew of other foot-centric options) then recovery is probably just as important to you as the fitness portion is. And since there’s nothing like a good foot massage to relax and relieve sore arches and knots, we’ve rounded up the best massagers on the market to treat yours in the comfort of your own home. From heated models and aqua spas to shiatsu machines and old-fashioned wood rollers — there’s something for everyone (and every podiatry problem). So to get your feet feeling relaxed after a long day pounding the pavement, here, the best foot massagers for you.

Our Top Picks

Best Shiatsu: Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager

Thousands of positive reviews can’t say enough about this Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager, that’s what tired feet are begging for after a long day of working and working out. It has two deep-kneading nodes that work in unison to relieve chronic pain, knots, muscle tension, plantar fasciitis, as well as other aches and pains and it’s also small enough (only 12 pounds to be exact) to take with you on-the-go should you need to massage away from home. This massager also has a heat button if you want to work on your feet in a cozy way or warm them up after a cold workout. Don’t worry though, it will shut off automatically after 15 minutes of being on. Roomy enough for feet up to size 12, the Belmint even has a removable washable cover and five different pressure levels.

Best Roller: TheraFlow Large Dual Foot Massager Roller

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Part acupressure, part reflexology tool, the TheraFlow will be your best friend when your pads are feeling the pressure from intense sports activity. Made of Theaceae wood, the 1.6-pound dual-sided foot massager alleviates pain quickly just from moving your feet back and forth over the grooved rollers and it’s also super portable—great for people who like to work out when they’re traveling. Since it isn't electronic, the price is reasonable for most and even makes a great gift for a walker or runner in your life. Reviews praise that its fast-working, won’t slide all over on a carpet, and helps with cramping. Another plus? It improves blood flow after just one use.

Best Electronic: MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager

If you’re the type of person that doesn’t want to have to put in work when it comes to massaging tired toes, you’ll definitely be a fan of the electronic MedMassager. Unlike rollers where you have to move your legs the whole time to get any relief, you simply press a button on this oscillating foot pad (with an arch-bar) and concentrate on the areas that need targeting the most. With 11 different speeds, it stimulates circulation in the legs and feet via 1,000 to 3,700 RPM and is FDA certified. And although it’s slightly on the pricey side, it also comes with a 1-year full replacement warranty against defects.

Besides people who just like to relax their feet, this is also used by diabetes and neuropathy sufferers to help increase blood flow, relieve pain, and swelling.

Best Water Spa: Brookstone Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa

If you can’t get to the spa, make the spa come to you. Take your foot massage to the next level with Brookstone’s Aqua-Jet Foot Spa that incorporates water jets and built-in heat and accommodates up to a men’s size 14 foot. Choose from two adjustable speeds and warm up to 115°F while rolling nodes massage through kneading techniques that soothe tired arches and more. There’s even a detachable pumice stone so you can exfoliate rough patches that cause even more soreness making this the complete at-home pedicure set. Just beware of filling the tub too high, as a few reviews mention splashing and water overflow can occur if it’s too full.

While the cost might be high for some, it can save a bundle for those who spend money on pedicures at the spa.

Best Heated: Naturalico Shiatsu Massager

When your foot muscles are tight, post-workout, turn to heat and massage to soothe them. Naturalico’s shiatsu model also doubles as a neck and back massager and works stiff balls, arches, and pads via four rotating nodes that change direction and feel like a real person’s hands are massing you. Anyone suffering from sports injuries will also benefit from heat therapy since this device will increase circulation along with encouraging deep REM sleep at night. And it folds up into an easy-to-tote bag to bring wherever you go.

This Amazon Choice gets rave reviews for being able to handle all parts of the body and the strength to actually feel like a person is doing the work. Once customer even noted her massage therapist was going to order one for herself!

Best Foot and Calf/Leg: Naipo Leg Compression Massager for Foot and Calf

Legs need a little love too? A massager that has a leg compression sleeve as well as a dedicated place for your feet is what you need and Amazon customers can’t seem to get enough of Naipo’s. Designed to massage through cyclical air on two different modes with three levels of compression intensity, you’ll finish one session feeling pain-free and revived. Simply slip your feet and legs through the wraps, then velcro to hold in place, and fire up the remote control to your desired combination of vibration. And if you have a fear of dosing off while you get relief, don't worry this will shut off after 15 minutes.

Besides fitness enthusiasts, this massager has been praised for those who have restless leg syndrome, leg cramps, pregnancy pains and more. Though if you have any serious health conditions you should talk to a doctor before using.

Best Ball: Solidback Handheld Deep Tissue Self Massage Tool

If you’re someone who prefers direct intense pressure when being massaged, a reflexology ball massager may be the best bet for you. Plus the Solidback is handheld, so you can decide how much or little pressure you want and then apply it. It also doubles as a back/neck massager and is one of the more affordable gadgets in the personal massager category. Double win-win. Use it at your desk, or while you're watching Netflix, this is a great addition to any home.

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