The Best Fitness Mirrors to Level-Up Your At-Home Workout

The Tonal System is a mirror with plenty of extras for a variety of workouts

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Working out at home can be incredibly convenient. The only problem? It isn’t quite the same as taking an in-person fitness class or logging a one-on-one personal training session. “With the fitness mirror, you are able to bring a gym or studio setting right into your home while actively checking your form in the mirror," says Stacey Zielinski, trainer for AKT GO.

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With high weight options, a progress tracker, and a 30-day home trial period, the Tonal System ranks as our top option. But if you’re looking for a less expensive fitness mirror, then we’d recommend going with the Macvon Touch Fitness Mirror.

Fitness mirrors are large, high-tech mirrors that double as display screens. You can stream your favorite workout classes directly to your fitness mirror, just like you would on a TV screen. But since the mirror is reflective, you can also use it to compare your form to your instructor’s. Sized like a standard floor-length mirror that fits flushly against your wall, these are a great spatially-efficient option.

When choosing the right mirror for your workouts, it’s important to keep factors like size, installation method, features, workout library, and free trial period in mind. We evaluated new and popular mirrors by comparing price, supplemental equipment, installation, and more.

Based on our reviews, here are the top fitness mirrors on the market.

Best Overall: Tonal System

Tonal System

Courtesy of Tonal

  • Large but low-profile

  • Lift up to 100 lbs per arm

  • Tracks your progress and adjusts weight accordingly

  • 30-day home trial period

  • Expensive

  • Smart Accessories not included ($495 extra)

  • Workout membership not included ($49/month extra)

Who else recommends it? Healthline, CNET, and Runner's World all picked the Tonal System.

There’s no denying it: Tonal is one of the best fitness mirrors available, and our top pick. At 50.9 inches tall and 21.5 inches wide, the mirror is pretty large. But since it sits flush against your wall, it should make a low-profile addition to your home gym. And if you spring for a Tonal membership ($49/month), you’ll get access to hundreds of workout videos you can stream directly through the mirror.

These features are great. But realistically, you could replicate them with a workout library membership and a really large TV screen. What you couldn’t replicate, though, is Tonal’s Smart Accessories bundle. The bundle—which costs an extra $495, but is definitely worth it—comes with classic fitness equipment, like a workout mat, a workout bench, a foam roller, and a grip rope. And it also comes with a Smart Bar and a set of Smart Handles.

These high-tech items will help you simulate the experience of weightlifting—no weight plates required. And they’re what makes Tonal as special as it is.

Connect the Smart Bar and Smart Handles to your fitness mirror, and you’ll be able to lift up to 100 pounds of simulated weight per arm. As you strength-train, Tonal will track which reps you’re struggling on and which ones you’re tackling with ease. And it will adjust the weight accordingly. (In fact, it will even spot you when you could use some extra help.) This feature set isn’t the kind of thing you’ll find on most fitness mirrors.

Height: 50.9 inches | Width: 21.5 inches | Free Trial Period: 30 days

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Pro-Form Vue

Pro-Form Vue

Courtesy of Pro-Form Vue

  • Freestanding

  • Back lined with storage shelves

  • Comes with basic equipment

  • Reflective Training feature helps perfect your form

  • Seemingly no free trial period

  • Self-assembly

  • Best with a membership ($39/month extra)

If you don’t want to spend a small fortune on a fitness mirror, you’re not out of luck. The ProForm Vue offers incredible value. Though the mirror is loaded with useful features, it’s on offer for a genuinely reasonable price. And this balance is exactly why the mirror earned our Runner-Up spot.

At 72.65 inches tall and 24.25 inches wide, the ProForm Vue is incredibly big. But since it’s a freestanding mirror, you won’t have to worry about mounting it on your wall. In fact, you can adjust the mirror to face different directions. And if you turn it all the way around, you’ll find several storage shelves lining the back of it.

Unlike many other fitness mirrors, the ProForm Vue comes with a handful of complimentary must-haves. Order the mirror and you’ll receive a 10-pound barbell, two 5-pound dumbbells, and four 2.5-pound weight plates—which should be enough to get your strength-training regimen started.

One more thing you’ll get when you order the mirror? A free 30-day iFit membership (which would normally cost $39/month). In this way, the ProForm Vue goes beyond a classic fitness mirror—standing in as a personal trainer, instead. And since the mirror will automatically track your workouts (Reflective Training or no Reflective Training), it will help you keep up with your progress over time.

Height: 72.65 inches | Width: 24.25 inches | Free Trial Period: Seemingly none

Best Budget: Macvon Touch Fitness Mirror


Touch Fitness Mirror

  • Budget-friendly

  • Freestanding

  • Comes with basic equipment

  • Free delivery and installation

  • 30-day free trial period

  • Low on features

  • Best with a membership ($39/month extra)

If you’re looking for a deal on a fitness mirror, the Macvon Touch is a solid pick. The mirror will cost you half of what you’d spend on an average fitness mirror—and a quarter of what you’d spend on a fancy one. And though it boasts a relatively no-frills design, it still offers many features that make it worth the buy.

At 65 inches tall by 24.5 inches wide, the touchscreen mirror is relatively large. But since it’s freestanding, you won’t have to worry about a complicated install. Conveniently, the mirror ships alongside a couple pieces of free workout equipment—namely, a workout mat and a heart rate monitor. Sure, this isn’t as much as you’d get with some other fitness mirrors. But given the budget-friendly price point, who’s complaining?

To make full use of your mirror, you’ll want to sign up for a Macvon membership (which is available for an additional $39/month). This membership will grant you access to a large library of workout classes, which span a range of genres—including strength-training, martial arts, yoga, and more. To keep things interesting, this library boasts a combination of live and on-demand classes.

Height: 65 inches | Width: 24.5 inches | Free Trial Period: 30 days

Best Workout Variety: The Mirror


Courtesy of MIRROR 

  • Freestanding

  • Personal training available

  • Comes with lots of yoga equipment

  • 30-day free trial period

  • Workout membership not included ($39/month extra)

  • Delivery and setup not included

  • Not a touchscreen

The Mirror is a fan favorite in the fitness mirror space—and it’s not hard to see why. At 52.6 inches tall and 21.1 inches wide, the mirror is large and immersive, offering a studio-like experience that can’t be matched by smaller mirrors. And since a Mirror membership grants you access to a truly massive workout library, you’ll never be short on fitness classes to explore. 

Before we go any further, it’s worth noting that The Mirror comes in three variations. The Mirror Basic ships with no equipment. The slightly more expensive Mirror Essentials package comes with a bunch of yoga equipment (like a yoga mat, a yoga block, and more). And the even more expensive Mirror Family package comes with double what you’ll get from the Mirror Essentials package. Unless you’re in need of a bunch of yoga accessories, this equipment isn’t that much of a value add. Instead, the Mirror gets its real value from its massive workout library. 

Pair your mirror with a Mirror membership ($39/month), and you’ll get access to thousands of workout classes. These classes include live and on-demand workouts spanning 50+ genres. And since the workouts range from 5 minutes long to 60 minutes long, there should always be a class that fits into your schedule. Even better: Mirror offers you the option of booking personal training sessions ($40/session) through your mirror.

Height: 52.6 inches | Width: 21.1 inches | Free Trial Period: 30 days

Best for Weightlifters: Tempo Studio

Tempo Studio

Courtesy of Tempo

  • Freestanding

  • Comes with lots of strength-training equipment

  • Tracks your workouts

  • 30-day free trial period

  • Expensive

  • Workout membership not included ($39/month extra)

  • Workout library is very strength-training focused

The Tempo comes with 4 to 13 pieces of equipment, depending on which package you score. And since most of this equipment is classic strength-training equipment (like dumbbells and weight plates), it’s genuinely useful—and it should make a worthwhile addition to your home gym.

The Tempo is available in three variations. On the budget-friendlier end is the Tempo Studio Starter, which comes with a workout mat, two 7.5-pound dumbbells, four collars, and a whopping 75 pounds' worth of weight plates. Scale up to the Tempo Plus, and you’ll get all of that, plus a 25-pound barbell, two 25-pound competition plates, a foam roller, a folding weight bench, a heart rate monitor, and two more collars.

Spring for the Tempo Pro, and you’ll get all of that—plus a folding squat rack, a kettlebell system, two 45-pound competition plates, and some weight plate storage. In other words, buy the mirror, and you’ll basically get an entire home gym.

Naturally, this equipment lends itself to weightlifting. And the Tempo mirror does, too. The mirror comes equipped with a 3D sensor, which will track your movements as you work out. In addition to helping you track your progress, this feature will give you personalized feedback—highlighting how you can improve your form, and making suggestions about what goals to set next.

If you spring for the corresponding membership ($39/month), you’ll also get access to other kinds of workouts—like cardio classes and HIIT routines.

Height: 72 inches | Width: 26 inches | Free Trial Period: 30 days

Best for Studio Workouts: Forme The Studio

Forme The Studio

Courtesy of Forme

  • Large but low-profile

  • Comes with basic equipment

  • 30-day free trial period

  • Expensive

  • Workout membership not included ($39/month extra)

  • Delivery and set-up not included ($250 extra)

As you might expect from its name, Forme’s The Studio mirror is designed to replace your favorite studio classes. And given its large size—the mirror measures at 70 inches tall and 26 inches wide—the mirror might actually be immersive enough to pull that off.

The large touchscreen mirror mounts directly on your wall, so it should make a sleek addition to your home gym. And it ships alongside some of the classic equipment you’d expect to find in a studio class. (We’re talking: a non-slip exercise mat, a plush microfiber towel, and even a heart rate monitor.) 

Of course, studio classes are less about the equipment and more about the workouts themselves. On that front, The Studio promises to deliver. Snag a Forme membership ($39/month), and you’ll get access to a large workout library, full of classic studio classes, like yoga, barre, Pilates, dance, bodyweight training, free weight strength training, meditation, and more.

Height: 70 inches | Width: 26 inches | Free Trial Period: 30 days

Best Design: NordicTrack Vault

NordicTrack Vault
  • Freestanding

  • Comes with lots of equipment

  • Reflective Training feature helps perfect your form

  • 30-day iFit membership included

  • 30-day free trial period

  • Expensive (depending on which option you buy)

  • Workout membership not included after 30 days ($39/month extra)

The NordicTrack Vault isn’t just one of the most functional fitness mirrors around—it’s also one of the most elegant. At 76.25 inches tall and 24.25 inches wide, the touchscreen mirror is incredibly large. But unlike many other fitness mirrors—which are designed to be wall-mounted—the NordicTrack Vault is sturdy enough to stand on its own. In fact, it’s about 14 inches deep, and if you slide the mirror open, you’ll find enough tucked-away storage space to organize all your fitness essentials. 

This sneaky feature makes the NordicTrack Vault a particularly space-efficient fitness mirror. And if you spring for the Vault Complete—rather than the budget-friendlier Vault Standalone—you’ll receive enough equipment to outfit the shelves inside the mirror. (Specifically, you’ll receive six sets of dumbbells, two kettlebells, several resistance bands, a couple of yoga mats, and an exercise mat.)

But storage space and ample equipment aren’t the only things this mirror has to offer. Connect your Vault with an iFit membership ($39/month), and you’ll get access to hundreds of workout classes—both live and on-demand. You’ll also be able to take advantage of iFit’s Reflective Training feature, which enables you to perfect your form by comparing your reflection to the instructor on your mirror.

Height: 76.25 inches | Width: 24.25 inches | Free Trial Period: 30 days

Best for Small Spaces: Echelon Reflect Smart Fitness Mirror

Echelon Reflect Smart Fitness Mirror

Courtesy of Echelon

  • Small and space-efficient

  • Budget-friendly

  • Free delivery

  • 30-day free trial period

  • Assembly required

  • Workout membership not included ($39.99/month extra)

  • Not a touchscreen

Measuring at just 40 inches tall and 20 inches wide, the Echelon Reflect is a perfect pick for small spaces. The wall-mounted mirror sits flush against your wall, and thanks to its small size, it should look like an ordinary mirror any time it’s not in use.

Pair your Echelon Reflect with an Echelon membership ($39.99/month), and you’ll get access to a massive workout library. Echelon currently offers thousands of live and on-demand classes, and since those workouts include everything from barre lessons to yoga classes to high-intensity strength-training routines, you’ll have plenty of diverse options to choose from every time you work out.

The Echelon Reflect is available in two variations. The standard option—the Echelon Reflect featured here—is not a touchscreen. So if you want that capability, you’ll have to spring for the Echelon Reflect Touch instead.

Height: 40 inches | Width: 20 inches | Free Trial Period: 30 days

Final Verdict

Tonal (view at Tonal) is without a doubt the best fitness mirror on offer right now. Large and immersive, the mirror offers a great way to stream your favorite fitness classes. But that isn’t what makes it truly special. What sets this mirror apart is its Smart Accessories bundle, which enables you to lift up to 200 pounds of virtual weight.

Thanks to this unique feature, Tonal can do the work of a fitness studio and a full-blown gym—without demanding much space in your home at all.

What to Look for in a Fitness Mirror


Though fitness mirrors tend to be pretty sleek, they can vary significantly in terms of size. In this roundup alone, heights vary from 40 to 77 inches, and widths range from 20 to 25 inches. If you’re looking for an immersive experience, you may want to spring for a bigger option. Otherwise, you can save space by opting for a smaller one. 

Installation Method

Some fitness mirrors are wall-mounted, while others are freestanding. (The freestanding options may be deep enough to stand on their own, or they may slot inside a display stand.) Each installation method has its own pros and cons. Though wall-mounted mirrors are more space-efficient, they require you to put holes in your wall and may need to be installed by an expert. Freestanding mirrors, on the other hand, demand more floor space and often require a home set-up process. 


At their most basic, fitness mirrors are just large, reflective display screens. So special features go a long way in making them worth the buy. Some fitness mirrors come equipped with form-perfecting features, which invite you to mimic your instructor’s form during classic exercises. Others boast built-in strength-training equipment, which you can use to virtually lift weights.

Workout Library

Most fitness mirrors are compatible with a specific workout library, but some are platform-agnostic, meaning you can pair them with any workout library. If your mirror is platform-specific, you probably need to maintain a subscription to that workout platform in order to make the most of your mirror. (And—you guessed it—these subscription memberships typically cost extra.)

If your mirror is platform-agnostic, you’ll have the freedom to choose which workout library to subscribe to—or whether you want to subscribe to one at all. Without a subscription, however, you’ll probably lose access to special features, like virtual weightlifting, which tends to be app- and mirror-specific. And displaying workouts on your mirror may require more work than it would on a platform-specific option.

Free Trial Period

Fitness mirrors are new and expensive—meaning they’re exactly the kind of thing you want to test out before buying. Thankfully, many fitness mirrors come with a 30-day free trial period. Before buying, though, be sure to double-check which costs are included in the free trial and which ones aren’t. Some brands will charge you delivery and installation fees—and will not include those costs in your 30-day free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you clean a fitness mirror?

    Wipe down and disinfect your fitness mirror periodically or after workouts using a microfiber cleaning cloth and an ammonia-free cleanser.

  • How much space do you need near the mirror to work out?

    Some fitness mirrors report all you need is enough room to stand in front of the mirror to do the workout. However, other fitness mirrors suggest floor space of at least 7' x 7' with 7' ceilings.

  • What are the benefits of fitness mirrors?

    There are several benefits to working out in front of a fitness mirror:

    • Compare your form to the instructor since the surface is reflective
    • Work out with a trainer in the comfort of your own home
    • Work out on your own time without having to make class times
    • Cost may be comparable to gym or studio class membership
    • Takes up minimal space in your home
    • Guided workouts mean you don't have to plan a thing

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