The 6 Best Fanny Packs of 2021

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Whether you’re jogging, running errands, or hiking, having an easy place to store your stuff is essential. And few bags offer as much convenience as the fanny pack. Fanny packs —also known as belt bags—are relatively small bags that traditionally fasten around the waist (though some can be modified to be worn crossbody). They vary in size and style, with some offering ample storage space and plenty of pockets, and others boasting a sleeker, more discreet profile. So no matter what you’re looking for, you can rest assured knowing you’re likely to find it.

Our Top Picks
Though lightweight and budget friendly, it features the roomy pockets and adjustable belt you’d expect from more expensive bags.
The only thing better than water resistant is waterproof, and this bag delivers just that so you can be ready for any adventure.
Best with Multiple Pockets:
Freetoo Waist Pack at Amazon
With four pockets and one hidden compartment, this pack keeps your essentials organized and secure so there's no digging around.
You'll stay hydrated and hands-free on long runs or hikes with High Sierra's pack, built with large pockets and reflective colors.
The last thing you want to be when exercising is weighed down, and with Nathan’s lightweight belt, you won't have to be.
Featuring more than enough storage space and serious security features, Travelon’s waist pack was made to be a travel necessity.

Best Budget: WATERFLY Waist Bag Pack

Waterfly Waist Bag Pack

Waterfly’s Fanny Pack may be lightweight and budget friendly, but it boasts many of the features you’d expect from a larger, more expensive belt bag. For starters, it’s water resistant, so you can expect it to protect your essentials in case of splashes and spills. Note that water resistant isn’t the same thing as waterproof, so just don’t take it swimming.

It also comes with plenty of pockets. The main zipper compartment can handle some larger essentials (like phones), while two discreet zipper pockets can secure smaller valuables (like wallets, cards, and headphones). And if there’s anything you want to keep extra-protected, you can store it in the bag’s fourth pocket—a hidden zipper pocket tucked away on the bag's waistband.

Though Waterfly’s Fanny Pack offers ample storage space, it promises to remain lightweight enough that you can comfortably wear it during travel, everyday use, and some physical activities. The bag comes in an array of colors and prints, and it can extend up to 43 inches. 

Best Waterproof: GeckoBrands Waterproof Lightweight Waist Pack

Many fanny packs are water resistant, but GeckoBrands’ Waterproof Lightweight Waist Pack is genuinely waterproof. The bag’s large interior pocket promises to keep your essentials safe, whether you’re kayaking, hiking in the rain, or hitting the beach.

If the ample storage space inside the bag isn’t enough to hold all your stuff, you can take advantage of the pack’s two exterior zipper pockets. Note that, unlike the interior pocket, these ones aren't waterproof. But they’re an excellent place to store gear and other items that can get wet.

GeckoBrands’ Waterproof Lightweight Waist Pack boasts a roll-down design which promises to keep your valuables secure. This feature also allows you to adjust the bag’s volume based on how much you’re carrying, so you can shrink it down on days when you’ve packed a little lighter.

The bag boasts an adjustable waistband, but GeckoBrands doesn’t specify how long or short the band can get.

Best with Multiple Pockets: Freetoo Waist Pack

Freetoo’s Waist Pack boasts five different zipper pockets, making it easy for you to keep your essentials protected and organized. The pack’s large interior pocket is big enough to hold a water bottle, so you can rest assured knowing you’ll stay hydrated on long runs, hikes, and adventures.

The bag’s three exterior zipper pockets are smaller, making them suitable for essentials like keys, headphones, and cards. The final pocket is hidden along the waistband—a great place to tuck away passports, money, and other necessities, knowing they’ll be hidden and secure.

Freetoo’s Waist Pack is crafted from a sturdy, water-resistant fabric blend that promises to endure over time. And the durability doesn’t stop there—the zippers and buckle are also designed to last. The bag boasts an adjustable waistband, which can range from 23.6 inches to 45.3 inches. 

Freetoo’s Waist Pack is backed by an 18-month warranty.

Best for Hiking: High Sierra Hydrahike Waist Pack

High Sierra Hydrahike Waist Pack

High Sierra’s Hydrahike Waist Pack offers ample storage space, plus two bungee pockets fit for holding water bottles, making it easy for you to stay hydrated on long hikes and runs.

The bag’s primary pocket can hold larger necessities (like snacks and cell phones), while its flat exterior pocket promises to keep smaller valuables (like cards and money) secure. The bungee pockets on either side of the bag are, as mentioned, designed with water bottles in mind. But you could just as easily leave them empty if you’d prefer a lighter-weight, lower-profile outing. 

High Sierra’s Hydrahike Waist Pack comes in two colors—a neutral gray and a vibrant blue—and it’s equipped with reflective details, making it easier for others to see you in low-visibility conditions. The bag boasts an adjustable waistband, but High Sierra doesn’t specify how long or short the band can get. 

The fanny pack is backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

Best for Running: Nathan Running Belt Waist Pack

Nathan’s Running Belt Waist Pack boasts the low-profile design you’d expect from a running belt, but it still offers plenty of storage space for your essentials.

The bag is equipped with two external zipper storage pockets. The larger one can accommodate your phone, while the smaller one is fit to hold valuables like keys and money. The storage situation may seem a little limited, especially compared to other fanny packs on the market. But the belt offers enough space to secure your must-haves, without weighing you down as you embark on long runs. 

Nathan’s Running Belt Waist Pack is crafted from an ultra-lightweight neoprene fabric, which promises to stay firmly in place as you run. The belt is also equipped with reflective detailing, which makes it easier for others to see you in low-visibility conditions.

The running belt boasts an adjustable waistband that can expand from 26 inches to 44 inches. It's also available in six different colors, allowing you to choose a pack that’s as vibrant or neutral as you want it to be.

Best for Travel: Travelon Anti-Theft Waist Pack

Equipped with ample storage space, heavy-duty security features, and plenty of pockets, Travelon’s Anti-Theft Waist Pack is the kind of bag you want with you when you travel. The bag’s primary compartment is divided into an array of pockets and slots, giving you plenty of room to store and organize essentials of all sizes.

The slots lay flat against the bag’s interior, offering an excellent place to secure things like money, cards, and passports. They're also equipped with RFID-blocking technology, so you can rest assured knowing that your cards—and all the information they contain—are protected.

On the back of the pack, along the waistband, you’ll find yet another pocket. This one is designed to offer you easy access to your phone while keeping the device discreetly tucked away when you’re not using it. And if that wasn’t enough, the bag also comes with a pull-out pocket designed to accommodate a water bottle.

Travelon’s Anti-Theft Waist Pack is crafted from a durable, resistant material that promises to protect your necessities against the elements. The material is also slash-proof, offering you further security. Every exterior pocket on the bag zips up, and every exterior zipper can be secured by a lock, so you can take in the sights of your travel destination without worrying about essentials falling out or getting stolen.

Travelon’s Anti-Theft Waist Pack comes in three neutral colors, and its adjustable waistband can extend to 50 inches.

Final Verdict

Those looking for something lightweight will undoubtedly appreciate Nathan’s Running Belt Waist Pack (view at Amazon), which offers a sleek, low-profile way to keep essentials nearby.

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