The 11 Best Exercise Sliders, Chosen by a Personal Trainer

Slide into your next workout with the Propel Athletics Premium Core Sliders

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Sliders are highly underrated. They look small and unassuming—but that also makes them a travel-friendly accessory, which is why they are a trainer favorite. “They are great for beginners, and depending on the exercises you do, they can leave even the fittest person on the ground questioning how fit they really are," says Alonzo Wilson, Founder and Director of Training at Tone House.

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The versatile, easily portable Propel Athletics Premium Core Sliders also come with a free workout video and trial period, making them our top pick. If you’re on a budget, we recommend the ProsourceFit Sliding Discs.

Exercise sliders offer a creative, versatile way of working every single part of your body—we’re talking arms, legs, chest, glutes, and of course, the core—in a joint-friendly manner. And research backs this up. When you work sliders into your routine, the muscles in your body have to work harder and in different ways than they normally would because they are on an unstable platform (hello balance!).

Before purchasing, it’s important to consider material, comfort, and size. We used these characteristics to inform our list, along with elements like surface compatibility, cost, shape, among others.

Here are the best sliders on the market for every exercise need and fitness level.

Best Overall: Propel Athletics Premium Core Sliders

Propel Athletics Premium Core Sliders

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Comes with a nifty travel bag

  • Works on multiple surfaces

  • Comes with a free workout video

  • Comes with a risk-free trial period

  • Very basic design

What do buyers say? 85% of 200+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

With our top choice, you aren’t limited to just one training area. These 7-inch sliders allow you to glide over hardwood or laminate floors just as easily as carpet or turf. You just have to flip the discs over—one side is made of EVA foam (which works well for hardwood and tile) and the other is plastic (great for carpet or turf).

The sliders come in neutral colors and in bright hues alike. With your purchase, you also get access to a free online workout. If they aren’t your style, you can always return them—they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Size: 7-inch diameter | Material: High density foam, ABS plastic | Made for: hardwood and laminate floors, carpet and turf

Best Budget: ProsourceFit Exercise Sliding Discs

ProsourceFit Exercise Sliding Discs

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Works on multiple surfaces

  • Lightweight

  • Not the most cushioned option

Mountain climbers, skaters, pikes, lunges—whatever the move, these sliders, which feature a two-sided design, will easily add intensity to any at-home workout.

The durable plastic side smoothly slides across carpet and grass, while the EVA foam glides along any hard surface, including hardwood or tiled floors. And at less than a pound, you can easily carry them in your purse, suitcase, or gym bag without adding bulk or extra weight.

Size: 7.00 x 7.00 x 0.25 Inches | Material: ABS plastic and EVA foam | Made for: Carpet, fitness mats, any hard floor, grass 

Best Advanced: SKLZ Slidez Dual-Sided Exercise Glider Discs

SKLZ Slidez
  • Works on multiple surfaces

  • Snap together to former a larger slider

  • Studded side allows for better grip

  • Newbies may feel intimidated by the shape and the protruding lugs

  • Lug may not feel comfortable for everyone

Hands down, the best feature of these hexagonal-shaped sliders is that you can snap them together to essentially form one giant slider, making movements where you want to use your legs or arms in tandem easier—think body saws, double knee tucks, pike ups, and more.

Also handy: They are dual-sided. The combo of the foam-cushioned, studded side and the plastic yellow side makes them perfect for a variety of surfaces—including carpet, rugs, pavement, turf, track, gym floors, gravel, mats, and polished cement. Plus, they won’t leave any marks!

Size:  1.73 x 12.2 x 10.94 inches | Material: Plastic, foam | Made for: Carpet, rugs, pavement, turf, track, gym floors, gravel, mats, and polished cement

Best for Beginners: MANYTONEZ Core Sliders with Straps

MANYTONEZ Core Sliders with Straps

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Works on a variety of surfaces

  • Comes with booties so you don’t scratch your floor

  • Straps keep hands or feet in place

  • Comes with a digital workout guide

  • Only comes in one color

If you’re a newbie to the world of sliders, the handy strap across the foamy, cushioned side will make these much more pleasant to use compared to traditional sliders—it hits on the forefoot or across the center of the hand. They shore up your grip, helping to keep your feet or hands in place, no matter the exercise.

Going from carpet to hardwood or tile floors? Simply slip the included sleeves around the seven-inch pink plastic side to keep from scratching or marking up your floors. 

Size: 7.56 x 7.48 x 1.69 inches | Material: Plastic | Made for: Hardwood and Tile (with sleeves), and carpet

Best Grip: GoFit Go Slides

GoFit Go Sliders
  • Comes with booties, which allows for use on more surfaces

  • Comes with a training booklet

  • Comes with a handy carrying pouch

  • Only comes in one color

  • The protruding circular pattern may be uncomfortable for some people

The larger surface area of these sliders makes them much easier to maneuver, whether you're performing mountain climbers or pike ups (or any exercise in the included book of exercises) while the ergonomic oval shape easily slides around in all different directions.

Plus attachable booties, which slip over the plastic green side, help make surfaces more slide-worthy while providing protection against floor scuffing. And a unique tread offers a firm grip, keeping hands and feet from slipping off. 

Size: 12.3 x7.95 x 2 | Material: Plastic | Made for: Hardwood and Tile

Best with Exercise Guide: Flyte Fitness Core Flyte

Flyte Fitness Core Flyte

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Comes with a handy workout guide and free online workouts

  • Works on multiple surfaces

  • The wheels may be too intense for new-to-slider folks

  • More expensive than other options listed

Not exactly a traditional slider, this pricy rubber pair uses a cool patented technology gleaned from the aeronautics industry that uses three ball bearings to allow you to shift your weight while sliding in several different directions. 

It also works well on a variety of surfaces—rubber, carpet, wood, concrete, and more—without having to be turned over or covered with any additional material. The best part: It comes with an eight-week sliders workout guide that is adaptable, whether you are a novice or a pro.

Size: 17 x 8.5 x 2.5 inches | Material: Rubber | Made for: Rubber, carpet, wood, concrete, and more

Best Set: Bellafit Athletics Resistance Bands and Exercise Sliders

Bellafit Athletics Resistance Bands and Exercise Sliders

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Comes in two colorways

  • Comes with a set of resistance bands

  • There are no booties to protect floors

  • Only works on limited surfaces

We love that this lightweight, aqua-hued pair (it comes in pink too!) comes with a set of four mini resistance bands, making it a portable all-in-one gym.

The sliders have a smooth plastic side for textured surfaces (like your carpet) but they come without the protection of booties. So you may not want to use this pair on surfaces that easily scratch (like hardwood floors).

Throw everything in the carrying bag post-sweat session for easy storing.

Size: 7-inch diameter | Material:  Plastics and higher-density fabric | Made for: Carpets and other textured surfaces

Best for Multiple Surfaces: Hensita Grooms Athletics Dual-Sided Core Sliders

Hensita Grooms Athletics Dual-Sided Core Sliders


  • Unique design allows for splaying fingers

  • Works on multiple surfaces

  • Made with durable plastic

  • Only comes in one color

The unique triangle shape sets this sleek slider apart from the rest of the squad, allowing you to really splay your fingers for a much sturdier grip. Made of high-quality plastic on one side and fabric film on the other, this lightweight and versatile pair can glide on pretty much any surface, whether you are sliding around outdoors on grass or turf or inside on hardwood or laminated floors.

The sliders only come in one color, but the black hue is elegant, stylish, and versatile.

Size: 0.79 x 8.66 x 8.66 inches | Material: Plastic and fabric film | Made for: Grass, turf, hardwood and laminate floors, and more.

Best Oval: Valslides Discs

Valslides Discs

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Works on multiple surfaces

  • The oval shape is great for smaller hands and long fingers

  • They are a little pricey 

  • More expensive than other options listed

This oval-shaped pick, which comes in a convenient carrying case, may be a hit with women since they often have smaller hands. It's also a great pick for folks with longer fingers.

Wilson is a big fan of Valslides—they are a staple at his NYC-based boutique fitness studio, Tone House. According to Wilson, these sliders are incredibly durable and work well on most surfaces—including carpet, tile and linoleum floors, and turf.

Armed with the handy instruction guide that’s included, you’ve got everything you need to squeeze in a killer strength and core sesh.

Size: 10.1 x 5 x 2.2 inches | Material: Plastic | Made for: Carpet, tile and linoleum floors, turf

Best for Big Feet: INMAKER Exercise Sliders

INMAKER Exercise Sliders

Courtesy of Amazon

  • The 9-inch diameter is ideal for folks with larger feet and hands

  • Works on multiple surfaces

  • Comes with an exercise manual and a carrying bag

  • Smaller hand folks may find these hard to maneuver

If you’re more focused on keeping your feet in the right place when using exercise sliders than you are on your actual workout, these extra-large sliders might be the perfect pick for you. With a 9-inch diameter, they are wider than most, so you won't have to worry about sliding off during exercises. The larger diameter also makes them a good fit for folks with larger feet (or big hands!).

The sliders are outfitted with a thick EVA padding on one side, adding a level of cushy comfort when your hands are pressing into them. Choose between two colors—black or green.

Size: 8.86 x 8.86 x 0.59 inches | Material: Plastic and foam | Made for: Rugs, carpet, cloth, wood, laminate, and tile

Best for Carpet: Gliding Discs

Gliding Discs
  • Made specifically for carpet

  • The curved sides and dimpled surfaces help create better traction

  • Only comes in one color

  • Not as versatile as other models as it is made specifically for carpet

For homes, apartments, or hotel rooms that are carpeted, these hard plastic polymer discs, which are the second largest on the list at 8.9 inches in diameter, are the way to go. They easily skim across textured surfaces without snagging, so all of your attention can be focused on shoring up your core.

The curved and slightly raised sides, along with the tiny lugs along the surface, help keep your foot on the slider. The sliders only come in one color—vibrant purple.

Size: 8.9-inch diameter | Material: Hard plastic polymer | Made for: Carpet 

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an entry-level slider, the MANYTONEZ Core Sliders with Straps are a great pair that can help you get the basics down (without feeling like a klutz) before moving on to a more advanced pair.

For those who want a slider that moves on multiple surfaces and comes with a few extra bells and whistles, consider the Propel Athletics Premium Core Sliders. They work just as well on hardwood floors as they do on carpet, and they come with a handy workout guide.

What to Look for When Buying Exercise Sliders


The surface you’ll be sliding on is key. Hardwood floors? Carpet? Grass? It all needs to be taken into consideration. Ones with a sturdy plastic side will work on textured surfaces while a foam side slides better (and is way less abrasive) on harder surfaces.  


No matter which slider you choose, you want it to feel comfy. That could mean being stiffer or a little more malleable or having extra foam padding for a more cushy experience. Choose sliders with raised nubs to boost your grip, or opt for traditional, smooth sliders if the uneven surface is a distraction. It’s the little details that will make or break your slider experience.


Typically these rounded discs measure about 7 inches in diameter. Size begins to vary when the shape (think oval, triangle, or hexagonal) changes. No matter which size you choose, just make sure your hands and feet fit comfortably on the disc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I use exercise sliders?

    Using exercise sliders is pretty simple—though performing exercises with them is challenging. Simply lay them down on the desired surface, place a hand or foot on each slider (or just one if doing unilateral exercises), and then move them around to perform your chosen exercise.

  • What exercises are exercise sliders used for?

    From basic moves like lateral lunges and reverse lunges to more advanced exercises like atomic push-ups, single-leg mountain climbers, single-leg hamstring curls, and more, the versatility of this tool is endless.  

  • What can I use instead of exercise sliders?

    If you don’t feel like shelling out cash for yet another exercise tool, don't worry. There are tons of things you likely already have at home that can double as a pair of sliders. Working out on hardwood floors? Try using a pair of socks, a hand or dish towel, or even some paper towels. If carpets are more your style, paper plates will do the trick.

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