The 9 Best Dental Flosses of 2019

Reliable tools to clean your pearly whites

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First Look

Best Overall: GUM Butlerweave Floss at Amazon

“Lightly-waxed, thick, and shred-resistant.”

Best Budget: Listerine Gentle Gum Care at Amazon

“Soft and springy with a pleasant cinnamon taste.”

Best Flavored: Cocofloss Cara Cara Orange at Amazon

“Coconut oil-infused strands taste like a creamsicle.”

Best for Sensitive Gums: MOON Clean Slide Floss at Target

“The flat, wide shape slides cleanly between teeth.”

Best for Plaque Removal: Dr. Tung’s Smart Floss at Amazon

“Expands between teeth to remove more plaque.”

Best for Tight Teeth: Oral-B Glide Comfort Plus at Walmart

“Thin and flat like a ribbon, it fits well into small spaces.”

Best Stick: Listerine UltraClean Access Flosser at Amazon

“Its long, grippy handle lets you reach molars more easily.”

Best for Bridges: Oral-B Super Floss at Amazon

“Hard tip gets under teeth and the soft middle for cleans thoroughly.”

Best Natural: Radius Natural Silk Floss at Amazon

“Glides and grips onto teeth easily without breaking.”

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: GUM Butlerweave Floss

GUM Butlerweave Floss Mint Waxed 200 yd

 Courtesy of Amazon

This woven dental floss remains a go-to because of its strong, lightly-waxed strands that glide between teeth and under the gumline without shredding. It’s the perfect blend of durable and soft, having been proven to reduce gingivitis and gum bleeding. GUM Butlerweave floss is good for those with sensitive gums and tight teeth alike and the accompanying mint flavor is not overpowering, making it ideal for any-time-of-day use.

Best Budget: Listerine Gentle Gum Care

A soft and springy thread that’s good for sensitive gums makes this floss a great get on a budget. Listerine is known for their mouth-freshening flavors, and this floss delivers. The cinnamon flavor is refreshing without being too overpowering, and for being a multi-strand floss, breaking is near-minimal. Its soft feel is ideal for those who are new to flossing.

Best Flavored: Cocofloss Cara Cara Orange

Whether your favorite part of going to the dentist is choosing the flavor of fluoride or you can’t stand the taste of traditional mint floss, there are plenty of options out there for those who choosy with their flavors. Cocofloss, whose strands are infused with coconut oil, provides plenty of variety including watermelon, coconut, and strawberry. Cara Cara Orange gets the win because it tastes like a creamsicle. If that doesn’t motivate you to floss once a day, we don’t know what will.

Best for Sensitive Gums: MOON Clean Slide Floss


 Courtesy of Moon Oral Care

Many of those with sensitive gums opt out of using traditional floss and use water flossers instead. If you want to stick with the thread-based route, Moon is the way to go. This vegan floss has a flat, wide shape that slides cleanly between teeth and is smooth on gums. The floss is also free of PFA (polyfluoroalkyl), which can be an irritant for some. The minty flavor is just right and grip-open container provides quick and easy access.

Best for Plaque Removal: Dr. Tung’s Smart Floss

Dr. Tung’s is the only floss to have been clinically proven to remove 55 percent more plaque than traditional floss. This is thanks to its soft polyester fibers that stretch and expand once pulled between your teeth, allowing for greater surface area coverage and plaque removal. It’s also one of the most eco-friendly flosses, with its strands coated in beeswax and is packaging entirely biodegradable.

Best for Tight Teeth: Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Comfort Plus

Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Comfort Plus Dental Floss

 Courtesy of Walmart

The ribbon-like thread of the Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Comfort Plus is thin and flat, so it fits well between teeth that are close together and slides easily while removing food and plaque. It is also strong, so there is little chance of shredding and its lightly-waxed coating makes for a strong grip.

Best Stick: Listerine UltraClean Access Flosser

The long, grippy handle of the Listerine UltraClean Access Flosser gives it an edge over the stout, disposable sticks on the market. Its length allows for easy reach of the molars without getting your hand in your mouth. Use the disposable head to slide up and down between teeth, and rinse as needed to make sure plaque is removed (not just moved around) to keep gingivitis at bay.

Best for Bridges: Oral-B Super Floss

Oral-B Super Floss Mint Dental Floss Pre-Cut Strands

 Courtesy of Amazon

Oral-B Super Floss is great at cleaning bridges because it’s three types of floss in one—each strand has a hard end for easily sliding under bridges, a soft and spongy middle to thoroughly clean in between teeth, and regular floss for precision. It’s less clumsy than floss threaders, as you don’t have to weave traditional floss through it, and the soft Super Floss material is effective at getting out food and plaque. This floss is also a great option for braces and bonded retainers.

Best Natural: Radius Natural Silk Floss

Natural floss is preferential for those living a zero-waste lifestyle, or just looking to reduce the number of chemicals they use on a daily basis. Radius Natural Silk beat out other natural flossers for its softness and durability. Made from silk (the first material floss was ever made in), this flavor-free floss glides and grips onto teeth easily, removing plaque and tartar. It’s also biodegradable, making it a good option for camping trips.

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