The 9 Best Cycling Gloves of 2021

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Our Top Picks
Designed with women's anatomy in mind, the foam padding works to reduce pressure points and absorbs vibrations from the road.
Suitable for all types of cycling, the budget-friendly pick features a padded interior that helps minimize road vibration.
Affordable while getting the job done, they provide compression and feature a fingerless design to enhance your range of motion.
They feature just the right amount of gel padding to provide exceptional comfort and performance for high-mileage rides.
Its gel reduces pressure and external vibrations in your hands, while the Ergo Air X-Vent technology keeps you dry and comfy.
Ideal if you prefer a fingerless design, this pair eases palm fatigue while creating a barrier between you and the road.
Perfect for road cyclists of all levels, its padding and ergonomic design increases grip and provides comprehensive protection.
Harsh weather conditions are no match for this pair, designed with a water-resistant and windproof fabric and a snug cuff.
A great option for aspiring cyclists, this kid-friendly pair features perforation for ventilation and padding to reduce fatigue.

A good pair of bike gloves is a must-have accessory for any cyclist, whether you’re biking to work, riding mountain trails, going for a long ride, or hitting a spin class. Not only can cycling gloves improve your grip, but they can also immensely increase your comfort and help you avoid soreness, hand numbness, calluses, and other issues that frequently plague cyclists.

Here are the best cycling gloves on the market.

Best Overall for Women: ROVOS Women’s Half Finger Cycling Gloves

Many cycling gloves are unisex, but this pair is designed with women’s anatomy and size in mind, allowing for a precise fit and optimal performance. The placement of foam padding across the palm helps to reduce pressure points and absorbs shock and vibrations from the road.

Made with breathable Lycra and Spandex across the back of the hand, these gloves have a nearly seamless construction for exceptional comfort. They’re available in several different colors and in sizes small to extra-large—you can use the Velcro closure on the bottom for a more custom fit.

Best Budget for Women: LuxoBike Half Finger Cycling Gloves

A very affordable yet high-quality pick, these versatile LuxoBike cycling gloves are suitable for all types of cycling. The padded interior helps to minimize road vibration and absorb shock, while the durable microsuede palm allows for maximum grip.

The stretchy, breathable Lycra material on the back of the hand enhances overall comfort and flexibility. Available in half a dozen colors and in sizes small to extra-large, these gloves have convenient features such as an absorbent microfiber thumb for wiping away sweat and loops for easy removal.

Best Budget for Men: GEARONIC Shockproof Short Gloves

Gearonic Biking Gloves

For durable, affordable gloves, it’s tough to beat this pair from Gearonic. Designed to provide comfortable compression and to support fingers and palms, they’re foam padded and made with a breathable mesh back and elasticized microfiber.

The fingerless open thumb design and the snug yet comfy fit allows for excellent range of motion. They’re available in sizes medium to extra-large and are suitable for men, women, and teens.

Best Padded: Giro Strade Dure SG Men's Road Cycling Gloves

A trusted brand known for quality biking gear, Giro certainly delivers with these road cycling gloves. They feature just the right amount of gel padding to provide exceptional comfort and performance for high-mileage rides. With a breathable, moisture-wicking mesh, and a durable suede palm, these gloves protect hands while also keeping them dry and comfortable.

The gloves feature an absorbent microfiber surface for wiping sweat or your nose and a secure Velcro closure for a snug, comfy fit. They come in men’s sizes small to extra-extra-large, but the smaller sizes can accommodate women’s hands.

Best Gel: Louis Garneau Women’s Biogel RX-V Cycling Gloves

Louis Garneau Women’s Biogel RX-V Cycling Gloves

This high-quality pair from Louis Garneau offers exceptional fit and performance with gel padding to provide comfort for high-mileage rides. The gel helps reduce pressure and external vibrations in your hands, while the Ergo Air X-Vent technology keeps them dry and comfortable.

Available in sizes small to large, these gloves also have an adjustable, ergonomic cuff that can provide a customized fit.

Best Fingerless: INBIKE Cycling Gloves

If you like the look and feel of fingerless gloves, these INBIKE cycling gloves are definitely worth considering. The thick gel padding provides exceptional comfort and helps to ease palm fatigue, while also creating an effective barrier between your palms and the road in the event of a fall.

Lycra and knitted mesh fabric on the back of the hand help with ventilation and sweat-wicking, keeping hands cool and dry. Cyclists also appreciate convenient features such as the thumb terry cloth for sweat-wiping and the Velcro fastener that can be used to adjust for the best fit.

The gloves come in sizes medium to extra-extra-large and can fit both men and women.

Best for Road Cycling: Giro Jag Road Cycling Gloves

Another high-performance pair of gloves from Giro, the Jag gloves are perfect for road cyclists of all levels. With plush EVA padding and an exceptional ergonomic design, they’re engineered to increase grip and provide a superior level of protection for the whole hand. The moisture-wicking, four-way stretch Lycra allows for excellent range of motion and keeps your hand from getting too sweaty.

The AX microfiber suede enhances the gloves’ grip and protective ability, while the absorbent microfiber surface is perfect for wiping sweat from your face. Available in a wide range of colors and in men’s sizes small to extra-extra-large, they can accommodate both men and women.

Best for Winter: Ozero Winter Thermal Gloves

Made of water-resistant and windproof fabric, these thermal gloves from Ozero are perfect for cycling in unfavorable weather conditions. The gloves feature a snug, elastic cuff that prevents cold, wind, and rain from entering. The sensitive touchscreen pads on the thumb and index fingers allow you to keep your hands warm and dry while you use your devices.

With silica gel particles on the palm and some fingers, they provide a firm grip on the handlebars, even in wet conditions. These gloves come in sizes small to extra-extra-large and can go right in the washing machine, so they’re easy to clean.

Best for Kids: Louis Garneau Kids’ Calory Padded Bike Gloves

Cycling gloves that are made for adults don’t give kids the grip and comfort they need for long bike rides, but this pair from Louis Garneau is designed just for them. Soft and smooth, they feature foam padding to help reduce hand fatigue and soften vibrations. They also have a perforated palm with ventilation to keep kids’ hands cool and dry, no matter how far they’re riding.

Available in sizes small, medium, and large, these gloves also feature a convenient silicone pull at the wrist that allows for quick and easy removal.

Final Verdict

All of these gloves are excellent picks, but the ROVOS Women’s Half Finger Cycling Gloves stand out for their comfort, fit, and overall performance. These gloves are durable and versatile, with exceptional grip and breathability.

What to Look for in Cycling Gloves


Cycling gloves should be fitted tight, but your fingers should still have enough room to move around. Velcro fasteners are helpful for achieving a custom fit.


Padding helps reduce friction and vibration in your hands as you’re gripping the handlebars. Bulky padding can limit your range of motion and grip, so it should be lightweight and low-profile.


Look for gloves made with materials such as Spandex, Lycra, or nylon, so you get stretchiness for mobility and breathability to prevent sweat buildup. Small perforations in the material can also improve ventilation.


Improved grip is one of the major benefits of wearing cycling gloves, so choose ones with silicone grips, textured fabric, or gel padding to enhance your hold.

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