The 7 Best Boxing Hand Wraps to Buy in 2018

Keep fingers and knuckles protected while you exercise

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Whether you just started boxing for exercise or you’ve been sparring for years, you probably know that wraps are an essential part of the sport. Repeated contact to your fingers and knuckles can cause injuries that will take you out of the game, so the few extra seconds it takes to wrap your hands are well worth it. While a glove blunts the impact of a punch, a wrap strengthens your wrist and keeps it aligned when making a fist, helping to reduce trauma to your hand and wrist.

Most experts recommend you own at least two pairs, and even up to four or more so that you never train in dirty wraps (this can lead to mold and bacteria—and, well, smells). Now that you know just how important a hand wrap is, we’ve broken down some of the best you can buy online, depending on your needs.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Elite Sports Hand Wraps

Every boxer needs a set of hand wraps that are comfortable, durable and safe, and the Elite Sports Hand Wraps are exactly that. Made from a mix of elastic gauze and cotton, they measure the standard 180” long. The thumb loop and velcro straps help to keep the hand wraps in place during every hit, which keeps your hand safe. They come in red, blue and black colors, and reviewers say they’re softer than most competing products.

The Elite Sports Hand Wraps are cheaper than many of the alternatives, but owners say they don’t sacrifice on quality. If you’re looking for a great pair of hand wraps you can toss in the washer and know they’ll hold up, try these ones from Elite Sports.

Best for Smaller Hands: Meister Junior 108" Elastic Cotton Hand Wraps

While many women and children use 180” wraps, a shorter wrap is ideal for small hands. The Meister Junior 108” Elastic Cotton Hand Wraps are 40% smaller than traditional wraps, making them easier to wrap tightly if you’ve found the longer ones have too much excess. They are 2” wide and have both a thumb loop and a velcro strap to ensure the perfect fit. They’re available in eight colors, including a few fun neons. Do note that while many young boxers will benefit from a shorter wrap, most adults will likely need the full 180” for a safe fit. Testing a couple sizes is the best way to ensure they’re snug.

Reviewers note that the cotton material is slightly thin, but for low-impact boxing it works perfectly well. If you’ve tried 180” wraps on yourself or your child and found they’re too long and bulky, the Meister Junior is a great choice.

Best for Beginners: Title Boxing Attack Nitro Speed Wraps

When you’re just starting out, getting the hang of using traditional boxing wraps can be tricky and tedious. Plus, there’s a risk that if you don’t wrap correctly, you can damage your hand or wrist. The Title Boxing Attack Nitro Speed Wraps are great for beginners (or anyone who wants to speed up their boxing prep time) because they can be put in place in a flash. They come in youth through x-large sizes, so you can ensure a great fit—it should go on like a typical glove. Unlike traditional wraps, the Title Boxing Speed Wraps are infused with about .5” of foam to protect the knuckles. Made from polyester and elastic, the wrap has a thick wrist strap for extra support during contact.

The Title Boxing Attack Nitro Speed Wraps are a great alternative to traditional wraps, saving you time and frustration if you’re new to the sport.

Best Bulk: Ringside Mexican Style Boxing Hand Wraps

If you are a loyal boxer and find yourself dealing with dirty wraps way too often, stocking up is a smart way to ensure you always have enough of them on hand. This pack of 10 Ringside hand wraps is a great deal. These wraps are Mexican-style, which means they’re stretchier and more flexible than traditional wraps, which have no give (most boxers love Mexican wraps because of the increased comfort). The wrap has a thumb loop and a loop closure to ensure a snug fit. They come in ten fun colors, and each set also includes a hand wrap wash bag so you can easily clean them after a match.

Reviewers say the Ringside wraps are easy to use (there’s even a set of directions printed on the wrap itself) and they love how stretchy and comfortable they are. If you’re an avid boxer, having a lot of wraps on hand will make life (and practice) much easier.

Best Glove Wraps: RDX Training Boxing Inner Gloves Hand Wraps

The RDX Training Boxing Inner Glove Hand Wraps have everything you need in a wrap but in a convenient glove form. While traditional wraps are great, glove hand wraps are a smart choice for those who need increased shock absorption and knuckle protection. They come in sizes from small through x-large and are made from a carbon fiber fabric that stretches slightly the more it’s used. The 75 cm wrap with a velcro closure protects and supports your wrist. If you notice a lot of tension in your knuckles when you box, a glove wrap may work better for you than a traditional wrap.

Best to Reduce Smells: Sanabul Elastic Professional Boxing Wraps

In general, hand wraps help to reduce sweat in your boxing gloves and eliminate smells from bacteria, but that doesn’t mean your wraps can’t harbor odors either. The best chance you have at eliminating smells from your wraps is to ensure you never box with used wraps. But if you’re finding that your hand wraps are stimulating sweat, the Sanabul Elastic Professional Boxing Wraps could help reduce it. Made from a stretchable polyester blend, they’re designed to breathe so that your hands don’t get overly hot while boxing. They come in six different colors, and the thumb loop and velcro enclosure help to maintain your fit.

Reviewers say the material is less irritating than traditional cotton wraps, noting that they’re thin enough to be breathable—but not so thin that they lack protection.

Best Accessory: Meister MMA Portable Hand Wrap Roller

By now you know just how important it is to wash your hand wraps—and while you can re-wrap on your own, a roller will make your life much easier after a wash. The Meister MMA Portable Hand Wrap Roller allows you to re-wrap in just seconds. Plus, it’s super portable, so you can take it to your gym or wherever you practice. It holds any two-inch-wide wrap in place, and has a crank that turns to take unrolled wraps and coils them back up. It’s made from stainless steel, and weighs just 3.5 ounces (so don’t worry about it bulking up your gym bag).

Owners say that while it seems simple, this little device saves loads of time—especially after a large wash. Whether you box daily or a few times a week, the Meister MMA Roller is definitely worth the money to buy back your time.

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