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"Stay organized by having all of your information stored in one spot, no need for manual recording when the scale syncs with an app."
"An easy way for everyone in your home to analyze their basic body composition and support a healthy lifestyle."
"Endorsed by the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation, this caliper is considered effective and accurate for both men and women."
"This scale lets you track more than just your weight, from your body mass index and visceral fat to water percentage."
"The accompanying app stores unlimited data points for an unlimited number of users, even allowing you to export data in CSV files."
"Get the measurements you need with a quick check-in, or if preferred, a comparison to healthy ranges based on your age and gender."
"A top pick among personal trainers, this monitor measures body fat percentage and body mass index in approximately 7 seconds."
"This budget-friendly choice features just five buttons for easy control and enough memory for up to nine user profiles."
"Simple enough for the most novice of beginners, this caliper comes with a quick-start guide so you can accurately measure body fat."
"Not all calipers come with a display, but Qiorange delivers just that so you can easily assess your body fat percentage."

If you’re working to make positive lifestyle changes related to personal health and fitness, a body fat monitor can be incredibly helpful in providing actionable data that supports your overall goals. While many people focus specifically on body weight and body mass index (BMI) as general indicators of overall wellness, experts are continuously proving how body fat percentage actually reveals more about a person’s overall health. Plus, it’s a metric that isn’t skewed by atypical heights, bone densities, and muscle masses.

No matter the style of body fat monitor you prefer, most of them are reasonably priced and easily fit in the corner of your bathroom or in the pocket of your gym bag.

Here are the best body fat monitors on the market.

Withings Body + Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale


This body fat monitoring scale is an excellent option for the tech-savvy user who is looking for both goal setting assistance and a sense of accountability. It uses bioelectric impedance to analyze your full body composition, stores data for up to eight people, and automatically recognizes those people when they step on the scale. Then, it syncs with the Health Mate app, which tracks all of these wellness data points over time so you don’t have to record anything manually.

Connecting to the app and setting up the scale is simple and easy, and the app hosts a slew of special features for anyone interested in really digging into the many aspects of their health.

EatSmart Digital Body Fat Scale with Auto Recognition Technology

This scale uses bioelectric impedance to estimate your body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, and total body water, in addition to measuring body weight in 0.2-pound and 0.1-kilogram increments. It can support up to eight user profiles, but it does not store any scale data for those users.

After you set up your profile with the scale—providing your height, age, gender, body type, and an initial weigh-in—it automatically recognizes you when you step on in the future.

For ideal results, stand on the scale in bare, dry feet whenever you want a new reading. And remember that people with pacemakers should not use bioelectrical impedance body fat monitors due to the (otherwise harmless) electric current they require to take a measurement.

Accu-Measure Body Fat Caliper

If you have a friend, family member, or trainer who can help you measure your body fat percentage with skinfold calipers, go ahead and snag this very affordable wellness tool. Used by fitness professionals across the globe, skin calipers offer an effective way to measure subcutaneous fat accurately on both men and women.

Think of it as a fat-specific measuring tape. These calipers are lightweight, easily portable, and very simple to use. They are also endorsed by the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation as the premiere fat caliper measuring tool on the market. What’s more, folks who are less than tech-savvy tend to prefer manual options such as this one. 

Yunmai Premium Smart Scale

Just because you’re curious about your body fat percentage doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to this single wellness metric. The YUNMAI Premium Smart Scale provides 10 essential health measurements to help you keep close tabs on your physical fitness: weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, water percentage, bone mass, visceral fat, body mass index, basal metabolic rate, protein mass, and body age.

The scale syncs with a proprietary app (which also syncs with Apple Health, Fitbit, and Google Fit) to provide all of these metrics along with indications of where you fall in low, normal, and high ranges. Without the app, the scale will still tell you how much you weigh.

The app can store the data of up to 16 users of a single scale, and it holds endless data points, tracking them in graph and list format for you over time.

FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

Take your fitness data to the next level with the FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale. It offers 13 body composition measurements: weight, body mass index, body fat percentage, water percentage, skeletal muscle mass, fat-free body weight, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, total muscle mass, bone mass, protein mass, basal metabolic rate, and body age.

It syncs with a proprietary app (which also syncs with Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Fit, and Samsung Health) to provide all of these metrics, along with indications of how your information compares to the average benchmarks of health.

Unlimited users and unlimited data points can be stored in the app for any given scale, and it even lets you select data from specified periods for comparison and export it in a CSV file for long-term storage. Without your phone, you can still see how much you weigh. 

Tanita BF-679 Body Fat/Body Water Scale

Getting back to basics, the Tanita scale shows you the primary readings you need directly on the scale's display, so you can quickly check in on your fitness progress and then get on with the rest of your day. Using bioelectric impedance, the scale accurately calculates your body fat percentage and body water levels, in addition to your total body weight. It also includes a weight-only feature for those who prefer it.

The scale can remember data from two users, which load with the press of either of the two buttons on the side panel, instantly comparing their readings to healthy ranges based on user-reported age and gender. It also features a guest mode, which allows anyone to use the scale without impacting the information already assigned to the personal keys.

Omron HBF-306C Handheld Body Fat Loss Monitor

When it comes to handheld body fat monitors, this device from Omron is consistently a top pick among personal trainers. Using bioelectric impedance technology in the handgrips, it allows you to measure both body fat percentage and body mass index accurately based on your age, height, weight, gender, and level of activity (it even has an athlete mode).

It can also store up to nine user profiles and displays new readings in approximately 7 seconds. While its price tag is higher than any scale option on this list, it’s the best option for folks who want to bring the device with them to and from the gym or as they travel.

Plus, it’s far more affordable than any professional option you would find in a doctor’s office or official athletic training room.

Zinnor Digital Body Fat Analyzer

Looking for a budget-friendly handheld body fat monitor? Try this pick from Zinnor. At a value price, it still does a solid job of reporting your body mass index, body fat percentage, and basal metabolic rate. Similar to the Omron device, it uses bioelectric impedance in the handgrips to analyze these health factors after accounting for your height, age, weight, and gender.

With only five buttons, it’s simple in design and easy to control. It can also store up to nine user profiles and displays new readings in a matter of seconds. It’s a relatively new product with few reviews, but for the price, it’s worth a try.

Lightstuff Precision Skinfold Caliper

Similar to the calipers from Accu-Measure, this manual tool helps you gain a clear picture of your body fat levels so you can create and tackle appropriate health and wellness goals. But since many people are not familiar or comfortable with the skinfold assessment method, this particular tool comes with a quick-start guide to help set up even the most novice of beginners for success.

You can also trust that the spring-loaded mechanism is properly calibrated to apply consistent pressure measurement after measurement, giving you accurate readings every time you use it. This caliper tool comes with a 100-percent money-back guarantee, so there is very little risk in giving it a try.

Qiorange Digital Display LCD Body Fat Caliper Skin Fold Analyzer

Want to combine the skinfold assessment method with an easy-to-read digital display? Check out these Qiorange calipers. They are primarily designed to provide a body fat percentage reading by measuring subcutaneous fat specifically around the stomach, but you can still measure the other areas of your body typically included in comprehensive skinfold assessments.

For ultimate accuracy, some users recommend measuring the same area with the same technique three times and taking an average of the reported results. These make skinfold assessments more accessible to folks who don’t have a person available to help them use traditional calipers. Even the LED display is large enough for easy reading.

What to Look for in a Body Fat Monitor


As mentioned previously, there are three main styles of body fat monitors on the market today: scales, handheld devices, and skinfold calipers. Each style is used differently (and provides varying levels of accuracy) to give you a snapshot of your current body fat percentage, so consider which works best for your lifestyle, preferences, and goals before making a purchase. Scales are home-friendly, handheld devices are ideal for your gym bag, and calipers are the most accurate when used properly if you have a friend willing to help you measure.

Data memory

Most digital body fat measurement devices can store a certain amount of data entries and organize them per user, but this capacity varies dramatically from tool to tool. Such data memory helps users analyze potential trends in body fat percentage changes, further supporting new wellness and lifestyle goals. But if you plan on sharing the device with another person, be sure it offers memory storage for at least two users to keep all data organized and separate.

“Smart” features

Many body fat monitors on the market today have the ability to sync with your phone via either Bluetooth or WiFi, making it easier to keep track of your health goals no matter where you are. If you’re really into data, review the specific technical capabilities of a body fat monitor you’re considering before you buy it. You can even review the accompanying app’s layout to make sure it makes intuitive sense to you and feels pleasant to use.

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