The 8 Best Blenders for Protein Shakes of 2019

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Protein is an important part of workout regimen, whether you’re a muscular bodybuilder or a regular joe just trying to be healthier: it's a critical nutrient found in foods and supplements that repairs, maintains, and rebuilds your muscles to be stronger and more massive after exercise.

One of the most popular ways to consume protein is in shakes. They allow you to get a large amount of protein and other nutrients relatively quickly and easily. If you’re looking to improve your protein shake intake, try one of these great blenders. From single serve compact blenders to versatile, large machines, these protein shake blenders will allow you to improve your workout routine with a tasty shake that is easy to make.

Here are our picks for the top blenders for protein shakes on the market.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: NutriBullet Balance

NutriBullet Balance

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The NutriBullet Balance is easy-to-use, compact, and powerful. This smart blender takes up little space on the counter and can even be used at work. Made by Magic Bullet, the NutriBullet has a powerful 1,200-watt motor that provides the torque lacking in many other small blenders on the market, allowing you to crush ice, blend fruit, and slice through seeds. The Balance sets itself apart from other NutriBullet benders with its Bluetooth smart nutrition sensor. Simply use the NutriBullet Smart App on Android or Apple to measure the nutrients in your smoothie.

Though it's filled with high-tech features, this blender sports a simple design. Just place your ingredients in the blender jar, screw on the stainless steel blade cap, and place the cap in the base to blend. When you're ready to drink, just remove the blade cap and attach one of the convenient flip-top drinking lids that come with the blender. The entire set is reasonably priced and bolstered by hundreds of great reviews. You get two colossal blender cups, one blade cap, two flip-top lids, two lip rings, and a user guide.

Best Budget: BLACK+DECKER FusionBlade Personal Blender

Black and Decker


A budget blender does not equal a bad blender. You can get a reliable and durable protein shake blender for a reasonable price. The BLACK+DECKER FusionBlade Personal Blender can be picked up for nearly the same amount as some protein smoothies or juices at specialty shops.

This BLACK+DECKER blender is incredibly easy to use. In contrast to complicated blenders with more buttons than an airplane dashboard, the Fusionblade personal blender only has an “On/Off” button. Just put the blending jar in the base and hit the button to whip up a protein shake. This affordable option has a 275-watt motor, ideal for fruits, protein powder, and liquids. The BLACK+DECKER blender is defined by the reliable stainless steel FusionBlades that shred your shake ingredients. This set comes with two 20-ounce blender containers that are great for grabbing on your way out the door.

Best for Gift: Oster My Blend Personal Blender

A personal blender is a great gift idea for the active person in your life. For everything from post-workout protein shakes to early morning breakfast smoothies, an affordable blender can be a fun gift that people will appreciate and use. Available in blue, green, and orange, these compact blenders are a little more fun and colorful than many other options on the market as well.

Oster’s My Blend blender features a 250-watt motor in the base and a 20-ounce blender bottle that looks at home on the blender and in your cup holder. The blender bottle is BPA-free and dishwasher safe. Ideal for smoothies, you can throw some protein powder in your My Blend blender with some fruit and kefir. This blender is easy to use with one-button control and has an anti-overheating feature. The biggest downside of this fun gift option, however, is that the cord is relatively short.

Best for Frozen Ingredients: Ninja Professional Blender

Personal blenders with 250- or 300-watt motors can be great for many protein shake options. However, if you want to crush frozen ingredients, you may want something with a little more power. The Ninja Professional blender is ideal for anything frozen whether it’s fruit, peanut butter, or ice.

This blender sports a 1,100-watt motor in its base for ample power and torque to crush, blend, and liquefy anything you need in your protein smoothie. The recognizable 72-ounce square blender jar is great for large protein shakes to share or individual serving sizes. What makes this blender better than the rest on frozen foods isn’t just the power, but the six-blade construction that allows for comprehensive blending.

Best Compact: Ninja BL456 Blender

There are many compact protein shake blenders on the market today, but few are higher quality than the Ninja BL456 blender. This single-serve blender uses an impressive 900-watt motor to blend all of your ingredients into one smooth concoction. This is a great option for protein shakes that use nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, ice, or any other difficult-to-blend ingredients.

This professional Ninja blender features a sleek design. You can use either the rectangular Ninja-style blender cup or the classic round option (both included). The two spout lids make it easy to take your shake on-the-go and the BPA-free blender cups are machine washable. Blending and pulsing are both equally easy with this machine. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a stronger and more reliable personal blender.

Best High End: Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

The Vitamix E310 Explorian professional blender is ideal for protein shakes and just about anything else you want to create. This top-of-the-line pick is highly effective and reliable. It has 10 variable speeds as well as a pulse function allowing you to get the precise and exact consistency you want every time. This blender can make an almond butter-rich protein shake just as easily as a chunky pico de gallo.

The Vitamix E310 blender has hardened, 3-inch, stainless steel blades, which the company states are made of aircraft-grade metal. The motor is powerful and designed to run cool—so you don’t have to fear overheating. And the drive system is also metal for a more durable blending process. When you invest in this premium protein shake blender you’ll get the powerful blender base, a 48-ounce blender jar, and an easy-pour top. This blender can make nut butter, heat soup, clean itself with a little soap and water, or make the best protein shakes you and your friends have ever tried.

Best Portable: Kacsoo Personal Glass Smoothie Blender

The Kacsoo Personal Blender is a standout from the other protein shake blenders on the market today. This blender is powered by a rechargeable battery and it sports a glass blender jar, making it easy to take with you and a breeze to clean. You can operate this battery-powered blender in the car, your office, your home, or even the locker room.

It features a 5200mAh lithium-ion battery, which can be recharged with a USB cord. The charge can last up to a week and delivers a surprisingly strong 16,500 rpm blender power. Simply push the button to blend and within 20 seconds your shake will be ready. This blender is cordless, quiet, and lightweight. The high borosilicate glass container is BPA-free and safe for baby food in addition to smoothies.

Most Versatile: Ninja BL770 Kitchen System

A blender can be a great tool for making protein shakes and nutritious smoothies. However, if you’re the kind of person who likes to also make chunky salsa, soups, baked goods, dough, and purees, why not invest in a blender that can do it all? The Ninja BL770 includes a large 72-ounce blender jar for various needs, two 16-ounce single serving containers, a food processing bowl, and on-the-go lids.

This versatile blender has a powerful 1,500-watt blender base to shred ice, knead dough, and fully combine ingredients. All of the containers are dishwasher safe and the entire system comes with a recipe book.

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