The 8 Best Bike Lights of 2019

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To ride safely, it’s important to have a reliable set of bike lights. Whether you’re commuting through the city after a late work day or caught in a storm when you’re mountain biking on a trail, lights simply help you see and be seen.

When you’re searching for the best bike lights there are a few considerations to take into account. Look at how the lights function, what type of battery they use, how bright the lights can be, and how they’re attached to the bike. Many of the top options today use LED lights with a rechargeable battery and moderate battery life. Check out our top picks for bike lights today and see which fit your needs best.

Our Top Picks


Best Overall: Ascher USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set


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Popular and well-reviewed, it’s not hard for cyclists to find the Ascher USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set online. However, the hype is real. These lights are an excellent option for just about any cyclist, from the most casual to an avid rider.

The Ascher light set comes with a white front light and a red rear light. Both lights can be attached to a variety of places on your bike using a convenient and durable silicon strap and hook system—no screwdrivers needed! The lights could be attached to backpacks or helmets as well. Each light is powered by a 650mAh lithium battery, which can be charged via a USB cable. Water resistant and durable, these lights stand up to typical biking conditions without issue.

The headlight and taillight each feature three LEDs in its construction. You can choose between using the lights at one of four settings: full brightness, half brightness, slow flashing, or fast flashing. With full brightness, the front light can last for 3.5 hours. At half brightness, it’ll last for about 10 hours.


Best Budget: BV Bike Light Set

Unlike many biking parts and accessories, lights are almost always relatively low in cost and easy to buy. However, if you live in a city or want to save a few dollars, there are also some high quality, especially budget-friendly options for bike lights as well. BV sells a set of no-frills bicycle lights that will keep you safe and illuminate your ride at a low price.

The BV light set includes a white headlight with five LEDs and red tail light with three LEDs. Both lights have three functions—steady, flashing, and chasing—allowing you the versatility you need to optimize your visuals on the front and back of your bike. The lights are easy to mount below the saddle and on the handlebars with a tool-less clasping mount. The lights are removable from the mount as well.

Unlike more expensive lights on the market, these LED lights each use two AAA batteries to operate. Although this doesn’t have the benefits of a rechargeable light, it does allow you to keep your lights going with a few spare batteries. The lights have a warranty and are water-resistant.


Best for Kids: Crazyboy Bike Lights with Horn

Not only does “Crazyboy” sound like the best company to make great bike lights for children, the bike light system with a horn from Crazyboy is perfect for the versatility and safety kids need for cycling. This light system is tough, functional, and fun enough for just about any kid who loves biking.

Ideally, children should not be riding in the dark, however, if he or she is caught in a storm, dusk or nightfall, the Crazyboy light provides excellent visibility. The white LED headlight, which mounts to the handlebars, has three light modes and can help kids easily see the street in front of them. The rear light is a vertical, red LED bar and has four light modes. Both lights have USB rechargeable batteries, quick-release attachments, and are waterproof.

An added feature to the Crazyboy lights is the 120-decibel horn on the headlight. While kids may enjoy this feature when riding around with their friends and playing on their bikes, the horn adds an extra level of safety, giving kids the chance to warn others of their presence when they ride.


Best for Unlit Roads: Lezyne Lite Drive 700Xl Front Light

As many urban and suburban cyclists know, bike lights are more about being seen by motorists than lighting your own way. However, in areas where streetlights are scarce and you need to illuminate your ride as the tires roll down the road, it’s important to have a bright light. The Lezyne Lite Drive 700Xl Front Light is a perfect light for this situation, providing up to 700 lumens of light from atop the handlebars.

The Lezyne Lite Drive 700Xl Front Light uses an especially high-output LED light and is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This handy bike accessory features eight light modes: overdrive, blast, enduro, economy, femto, day flash, flash, and pulse. The lowest modes can last 76 hours and measure as low as 15 lumens, while the most powerful use 700 lumens and last 1.5 hours. There are five color options for the body of the light, including red and purple. This headlight can be paired with a variety of rear lights for dark-road riding.


Best for Trails: Outair USB Rechargeable Bicycle Lights

When you’re mountain biking or trail riding, it’s important to have lights ready for use. Thick tree cover or a misreading of the map can quickly lead to dark conditions. The Outair bicycle lights are great for trail riding because of their interesting design, durable construction, and good battery life.

The Outair light set includes two LED light bars, one a white headlight and the second a red tail light. The LED lights are bar-shaped, for versatile use as vertical or horizontal lights. Both can attach and detach in seconds without any tools. These lights are made for trail conditions, resistant to both shock and water. The rear light gives off about 20 lumens for great visibility to other trail-goers and both lights will last between four to 10 hours on a single charge depending on which of the four light modes have been selected. The lights can be detached and charged with a USB cable.


Best for Touring: BV Bicycle Super Bright Light Set

Touring, or long multi-day bicycle rides, is a test of endurance and patience. Many people tour for weeks or months on end, often without having frequent access to power sources for a long time. If you’re trying to cover 80 miles a day, the last thing you want to do is wait a full two hours for your bike lights to charge. Instead, opt for a reliable standard battery-powered bike light set that can last up to 80 hours.

The BV Bicycle Super Bright Light Set is a tough but low-cost option that will serve you right on a long tour. The headlight has five LED lights while the red taillight sports three. Both lights can be mounted without tools and have quick release mounts. BV explains that the lights have a 30- to 40-foot range, but can be seen from up to 1,500 feet away by motorists and last up to 80 hours. The rear light runs on two AAA batteries and the front takes four AAA batteries. Simply throw a few batteries in the pannier and start your trip assured that your lights will be good to go.


Best for Cities: Blitzu Gator 320 Pro bike lights

Biking is one of the best ways to get around most cities. Quicker than public transit and with none of the parking fees of driving, biking only has one major downside in the city: safety. Urban cycling is a dangerous enterprise, particularly at night. That’s why it’s important to have a powerful light that lets you see the asphalt well as you pedal and ensures that a car is aware of your presence. The Blitzu Gator 320 pro bike light gives the power and durability you need in the city.

The Blitzu Pro headlight shines at 320 lumens, far brighter than many competitors. Both the taillight and headlight are LED with USB rechargeable batteries and IPX5 water resistance certification. The taillight features 360-degrees of LED lights for a more eye-catching design, while the headlight can function for more than two hours at its highest light mode. Additionally, the headlight can be detached from the mount instantaneously to use as a flashlight. It’s perfect for unlocking your bike after work in the dark. The lights are well-made and feature a one-year “hassle-free” warranty.


Best Fun Lights: Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Lights

While most bike light sets feature a white headlight and red tail light, Activ Life offers a more fun option for cyclists everywhere. The company’s wheel lights line the rim of your bicycle’s wheels with colorful LED lights, illuminating your tires as you pedal. Available with white, blue, green, pink, red, and multi-color lights, these wheel lights make your bike nearly impossible not to see when you ride around town.

With 22 LED lights, these wheel lights are made to fit 29-inch wheels, as well as 12-inch children’s bike wheels by wrapping around twice. You install the lights using the included mount and zip ties with no other tools required. The colorful LED lights run with three AAA batteries and you can choose different colors for the front and rear tires.

People of all ages love these colorful wheel lights. While these lights help make your bike more visible to cars and other cyclists, if you plan to ride in the dark, consider pairing the wheel lights with more traditional head- and taillights for added safety.

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