The 9 Best Beachbody Workouts of 2020

Get into great shape with these exercise programs

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: 21 Day Fix at Amazon

"Comes with eating plan, containers, and workouts."

Best for Low Impact: PiYo at Amazon

"Combo of Pilates and yoga."

Best for Dancing: Country Heat at Beachbody

"Country line-dancing-inspired routines."

Best for Yoga: 3 Week Yoga Retreat at Amazon

"Learn to improve your posture and better your balance."

Best for Cardio: Cize at Amazon

"Six workouts each feature a different dance sequence."

Best for Burning Fat: P90X3 at Beachbody

"90-day program challenges your body with 30-minute workouts."

Best for Beginners: Slim in 6 at Amazon

"Focuses on smarter movements that won’t lead to burn-out or injury."

Best for Building Muscle: Body Beast at Amazon

"Weight training six days a week."

Best for Get-Healthy Goals: YOUv2 at Amazon

"Mixes dance workouts with resistance routines."

Best Overall: 21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix

Courtesy of Amazon

All it takes is 30 minutes of movement a day and one simple eating plan—that’s what you get from this 21-day program, which focuses on dropping pounds. In addition to the exercise routines, you get color-coded containers to help portion control your food (for example, a bigger one for veggies and smaller one for nuts). The included eating plan will tell you exactly what to fill them with so you stay on track to size down. 

On the fitness side, you’ll find a total of six workouts, all lasting a half-hour and offering advanced and beginner options for each exercise included. The workouts themselves focus on cardio, total body, upper body, lower body, Pilates and yoga. In other words, it offers a great mix of formats to keep your body guessing throughout the three-week plan.

If you prefer to stream this program instead of buying DVDs the system is also available on the Beachbody website

Best for Low Impact: PiYo

You might not jump up and down or run around to get a cardio workout with this plan, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get your heart pumping and calories burning. Each workout only features low-impact moves, meaning you eliminate the explosiveness but keep the speed—and the cardiovascular benefit. 

PiYo means you get a combo of Pilates and yoga, but this workout goes beyond pulses, planks, and calming poses. Start out with the Fundamentals workout so you nail the proper form throughout the rest of the plan. Then, you’ll have six other sweat sessions, including lower and upper body training, a cardio-heavy routine, an endurance-focused workout, a sculpting workout, and another featuring strength intervals.

The program lasts 60 days, with workouts scheduled six days a week for 25 to 45 minutes.

Best for Dancing: Country Heat

The main goal of this Beachbody program is to have fun! Each workout involves country line-dancing-inspired routines meant to exhilarate you as you drop pounds and gain an enhanced fitness level.

You don’t have to be a dancer to enjoy these workouts, either. The instructor breaks down each routine into easy-to-follow steps. Plus, you get a modifier if you’re not feeling the main move. The entire program offers six different dances, lasting 30 minutes at maximum. Best of all: you don’t need any equipment to complete the entire plan. All it requires is your body, energy, and your dancing shoes. 

Best for Yoga: 3 Week Yoga Retreat

This program was designed with yoga newbies in mind. In 21 days, you’ll learn to master poses that will help to improve your posture, better your balance, strengthen your muscles, and calm your mind.

In week one, you’ll learn the basics of a regular yoga practice and you’ll expand on that knowledge during week two. Week three takes it up one more notch so you can really settle into a strong, consistent yoga routine. The plan also includes Saturdays, which are meant for simply relaxing, as well as quick, 10-minute routines for Sundays. 

To top it off, you can document your skills and how you’ve learned to master each pose with the Pose Tracker feature.

Best for Cardio: Cize

Another dance-heavy workout, this one offers a little more intensity than Country Heat. Each instructor breaks down a dance sequence step-by-step, building on each move as you go. Then, you finish out the workout performing full-on, fun dance routines.

You get six workouts in the program, each features a different dance sequence and a hit song to help you break it down. Some songs you’ll see on the line-up include Bruno Mars’ “Treasure,” Ariana Grande’s “Problem,” and Sia’s “Chandelier” (to name a few). You don’t stop moving throughout any of the workouts and you’ll definitely end sweating and getting a great workout.

Best for Burning Fat: P90X3


Courtesy of Beachbody

Another heavy HIIT-er, this 90-day program includes 30-minute workouts meant to test your limits. You won’t just focus on cardio intervals every day, though. The plan is meant to challenge your body by offering different types of training. You’ll do everything from total-body resistance training, explosive movements like jump squats and burpees, and agility training for your speed and coordination to Pilates, mixed martial arts, mobility work, and yoga. 

Follow the total of 16 workouts throughout the program. Six of them target muscle-building, three are "power" programs, three cardio and fat-burning, and four focus on core work, flexibility, and balance.

Best for Beginners: Slim in 6

No need to jump into a super intense workout if you’re just starting out. Instead, focus on smarter movements that won’t lead to burn-out or injury. This program helps you do that by offering low-impact cardio and lighter weights, so you ease into exercise. 

You get three workouts in the program. The first, lasting 30 minutes, offers a moderate intensity routine meant to help you burn fat. The second turns it up a little, with 45 minutes of moves that work your hips, thighs, and abs. And the last one, which you’ll do later in the program, offers next-level moves that you’ll do in less than an hour. 

Best for Building Muscle: Body Beast

If you’re looking to get lean and build muscle, this program is for you. To do so, you need about 30 minutes a day, a set of dumbbells, and 90 days in total—that combo creates some serious muscle-building results.

The plan requires weight training six days a week and progresses through three blocks of workouts so you continuously challenge your body and keep building muscle. Each workout focuses on a different major muscle group (like biceps and triceps, legs, or shoulders) for a total of 12 workouts.

Best for Get-Healthy Goals: YOUv2

If you know you need to start moving more, but you’re not sure where to start, press play on this program. You mix dance workouts (four in total) with resistance routines (two total) so you get a mix of cardio and strength training throughout the program. 

With the full package, you also get a journal to jot down your goals and successes—a surefire way to help you stick with the plan. For busy parents trying this exercise, you also get access to a kids channel with this program when you stream YOUv2 in the On Demand section. That way you can make fitness and better health a family affair.

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