The 8 Best Baseball Gloves of 2019

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There’s something special about a baseball glove. It’s different than a football helmet or a tennis racket. A baseball glove is a literal extension of your hand. You’ll spend hours fidgeting with it, punching the palm, preparing to make that big catch. It’s your most important and most personal piece of baseball gear.

If you’re looking to buy a great baseball glove for yourself or a little leaguer in your life, there are a few things you should pay particular attention to. Ensure that you’re getting a glove with the right pocket size or depth: infielders want a shallow pocket whereas outfielders want a larger pocket. Think about the webbing options. There are a variety of web designs, such as closed, pro-H, and trapeze. These can add different benefits to the glove and are largely based on preference.

Check out the top baseball glove options in each category from adult catcher to young tee-ball player.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series

Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series

Courtesy of Amazon

The Wilson A2000 Baseball Gloves Series is full of just plain great gloves, for everyone from elite high school players to a rec league adult shortstops. The 11.5-inch infield glove model is particularly popular, featuring Pro-H webbing, dual welting in the pocket, and a DriLex Wrist Lining to protect you from sweat. However, the 11.5-inch infield glove is just one of many.

The A2000 series has infield, outfield, pitcher, first base, and catcher’s gloves available, often in either hand orientation. There are dozens of color and design options, such as classic blond, black, and red or orange and black. Additionally, the A2000 series features a number of signature glove options from some of the biggest names in the Major Leagues. Dustin Pedroia, Jose Altuve, Clayton Kershaw, and others have their own A2000 gloves that can easily be yours.

The variety of options in the A2000 series is undoubtedly a benefit for players, allowing them to get exactly the size, design, webbing, and pocket they want. However, there is some consistency among all of the model options. All A2000 baseball gloves are made of high-end and durable leather. And the glove has a perfect Amazon rating from hundreds of satisfied customers, who describe how happy they are with the glove or how much their son or grandson loves it.

Best Budget: Franklin Sports Field Master Series Baseball Glove

If you’re not a major baseball player, there’s no need to fork over pro-level prices for a good glove. If you’re playing in a charity game or just want to play some catch, why not turn to this great, low-cost option from Franklin. The Franklin Sports Master Series Baseball Glove costs less than most movie tickets and will let you play just as well as players with the best gloves on the market.

The Field Master is made of thick, synthetic leather for a quick breaking-in process and some serious longevity. The multi-toned, yellow gloves sport a closed basket web design and a hand-forked pocket. The glove is even adjustable, with a Contour Fit System for thumb and finger adjustments; ideal for organizing a baseball game with family and friends. 

The well-reviewed glove is available for righties and lefties and comes in seven sizes from 10-inches to 14-inches. This glove is an excellent option for young baseball players who want to try the game without a significant investment. 

Best for Tee Ball: Rawlings Players Series Youth T-Ball Glove

Ask any long-time baseball player about their first glove, chances are most will remember. Young children will take their glove everywhere from playing with it in the yard to sitting next to it while they watch the pros on TV. The Rawlings Players Series Youth T-Ball Glove is an ideal option to be that first glove.

The Rawling T-Ball glove is a simple 9-inch glove. It has a worn-in, soft feel that means it is easy to close when the ball does roll toward your youth player. The glove is rated for tee ball level baseball, but obviously is a great option for catch and backyard games as well. The glove sports a closed basket web and a particularly soft inner lining.

This youth baseball glove comes in a variety of designs including a pink and purple glove and a red and black option. This glove is particularly well-reviewed by previous customers and is available for right- or left-handed. Also, unlike many of the youth baseball accessories that your little leaguer will soon outgrow, this glove is particularly inexpensive.

Best Youth Glove: Easton Youth Mako LLWS Glove

Easton Youth Mako LLWS Glove

Courtesy of Target

If you want to get the young baseball player in your life a great glove, look no further than the Easton Youth Mako LLWS Glove. There’s a reason this glove has “Little League World Series” in the title: It’s designed for quality youth baseball. It’s an excellent option for players who have evolved past entry-level baseball, who are starting to distinguish themselves athletically, but need the gear to meet their skills.

The Mako LLWS glove features a HERO kip leather exterior. The glove will feel more broken in than many other options but will have the longevity that authentic leather delivers. Youth players will love the sporty and stable modified trap webbing. The glove’s lining is made of plush, hand-oiled PRIMASOFT sheepskin. This youth glove sports a “scaled down” pro pattern as well as dual welting to help it keep its shape over hundreds of uses and typical little league abuse. The glove balances optimal touch with proper finger cushioning. The 11.75-inch glove can be used for the infield or outfield and comes in black and blue design.

Best for First Base: Rawlings Renegade 13-inch First Base Glove

A good first base glove is strong enough to catch the hard throws from other infielders and deep enough to ensure the ball doesn’t pop out. First base gloves feature a little extra padding as well. If you want to use a glove that makes you feel like a true gold glover at first base, check out the Rawlings Renegade 13-inch First Base Glove.

This Rawlings glove from the Renegade series is a moderately priced baseball or softball glove for adults. The glove sports a full basket web, but a pro-style web is also available. The glove’s palm is made with high-density cushion, the fingers are padded and the backing is conventional. The glove is made with a full-grade leather shell. The glove is worn-in and can be used in a game the same day it is delivered. Simply put, this first base glove will help you get out and not let anything past you on the baseline.

Best for Catcher: Wilson A900 Catcher’s Mitt

A catcher’s mitt or glove is one of the most important gloves on the field at all times. It is one of the only gloves that will catch the ball consistently throughout the game and is guaranteed to be catching some of the fastest heat out there. Ensure you have a glove that can catch every foul tip and wild pitch, and keep your hand comfortable the whole time. Try the 34-inch Wilson A900 Catcher’s Mitt.

This mitt is a large 34 inches with a handy half-moon web design. Wilson protects the catcher’s hand with double palm construction padding on the front where the pitches will land. Additionally, the front of the glove sports a low profile heel for added comfort. The whole glove is made of leather and has a brown and white design scheme.

Best Infield: Rawlings Pro Preferred Infield Glove

If you’re playing second base, third base, or shortstop, you want to balance catching ability and maneuverability in a glove. You don’t want to catch the ball in a deep pocket, but not be able to get it out easily enough and miss and easy out. Most infield gloves are 11.5 or 11.75 inches. Try the Rawlings Pro Preferred Infield glove to turn pro-level double and triple plays.

Rawlings Pro Preferred infield gloves are 30 percent factory broken in, requiring only 70 percent from the user. These gloves are incredibly comfortable, with thumb padding and soft sheepskin interior. All Rawlings Pro Preferred gloves have wool padded and shaping elements to retain the optimal form year after year. The webbing is pro-style and the glove is made of full-grain kip leather.

There are a number of designs available. For example, the J.J.Hardy glove has all of the benefits of any of the infield gloves but also features a unique design and leather construction. Rawlings prides itself on the durable materials and construction that can last multiple seasons of play. 

Best Outfield: Rawlings Gold Glove Elite Glove

Rawlings Gold Glove Elite Glove

Courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods

The best outfield gloves prioritize one thing over all others: catching. Outfielders simply need to catch the ball to make the out and can then try to make that extra play. The Rawling Gold Glove Elite 12.75-inch glove is deep enough and tough enough to make those tough outs in the warning track.

The Rawlings GG Elite outfield glove features Pro-H webbing for a streamlined design and effective catching ability. The deep glove is made of deer-tanned cow leather with a Pro Soft leather shell. The leather lacing has been designed off of the style of the pros and will last for years. The padding is moldable — ideal for outfielders who shift positions from time to time and want versatility. There are a variety of designs with outfield gloves to fit your playing style.

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