The 7 Best Barre Socks of 2019

Get a grip during your next workout

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For workouts that require you to ditch your sneakers, it’s smart to pack a pair of barre socks, also known as yoga socks. The socks feature a non-slip grip to provide traction and keep you steady while moving through poses on hard floors. And, of course, the socks are also hygienic, protecting your feet from potential bacteria and germs. 

But the socks aren’t just for barre and yoga class. People use them for all types of barefoot activities, such as kickboxing and dancing. They’re also a must-have for people who need an extra touch of stability while walking around without shoes, from new moms who want to be extra careful while carrying around their baby to older adults who may have balance trouble. No matter if you do a barre class weekly or just want a pair of grippy socks for home use, here are the top barre socks for your needs.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Qing Outdoor Yoga Socks

Qing Outdoor Yoga Socks

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Comfortable, affordable and cute, the Qing Outdoor Yoga Socks are a top option for barre class and beyond. Made from a combination of combed cotton and terry cloth, the socks feature sweet ballet slipper-esque straps that help prevent the socks from sliding around on your feet and also let your feet breathe. The low-cut socks, available in sizes 6 to 10, also feature pebbly non-skid grips from heel to toe.

People who own the Qing Outdoor Yoga Socks say that they are extremely comfortable and that the criss-cross straps keep the socks in place. One reviewer even reveals that her Pilates instructor says these are the best socks she’s ever seen.

Best Ankle Sock: LA Active Grip Socks

The classic ankle sock meets barre sock with the ultra-soft LA Active Grip Socks. The closed-toe socks protect the entire foot from blisters and bacteria, while the extra-strong PVC non-skip bottom provides superior traction. And whether you choose to wear the socks to workouts or pair them with sneakers, the thicker, flexible material with padded tabs at the heel ensures that they stay in place while you move about.

Reviews of the LA Active Grip Socks say that the socks are comfortable and keep feet sweat-free. One person also mentions that the socks are great to wear with any shoes that feet slide around in, such as clogs.

Best Open Toe: Ellaste Yoga Socks

Some people find that they can get a better grip during poses when their toes are exposed, helping to increase balance and strength. If you’d prefer to let your toes free, try the ergonomically designed Ellaste Yoga Socks. Made to hug and contour the natural shape of the foot, the Ellaste socks feature skids that cover much of the surface area of the sock, allowing for maximum grip. Made from smooth bamboo fiber, the socks wick away sweat to keep feet free of odor. They’re available in women’s sizes 5 to 12 and men’s 4 to 11.

Reviewers say that the Ellaste Yoga Socks provide the perfect grip for stability and that the non-slip bottom feels comfortable, not bumpy. People also say that the toe openings are accommodating for all feet sizes and don’t feel tight.

Best Mary Jane-Style: Cooque Yoga Socks

If you like the sweet style of Mary Jane shoes, you’ll love the Cooque Yoga Socks. The socks feature a fashionable circular opening on the top of the foot while keeping the toes covered. They’re made from 100 percent premium cotton and absorb sweat to keep feet moisture-free while you exercise. And no slipping and sliding here thanks to grippy dots on the bottom of the sock. The socks come in a multicolor pack of four (black, pink, gray, and burgundy).

One reviewer raves that the socks have enhanced her training since she no longer slips on the hardwood floors. People also say that the style looks cute and that the socks (and the non-slip bottom) hold up well wash after wash.

Best Ballet-Inspired: Guanmai Yoga Socks

Barre classes take inspiration from ballet, so it makes sense to wear a sock to barre that’s styled like a ballet slipper. The Guanmai Yoga socks come in a pretty nude pink shade that’s very similar to the color of classic ballet slippers as well as a black color. They feature a grippy bottom as well as elegant ballet slipper straps at the top of the sock that criss-cross to keep the socks firmly in place.

Reviewers say that the Guanmai Yoga socks look just like ballet slippers and that the non-slip grips are effective. They also agree that the fit is comfortable and snug without being too tight.

Best for Men: Muezna Non-Slip Men’s Yoga Socks

Show up to class in style with the Muezna Non-Slip Men’s Yoga Socks, which come in a pack of three (red, green, and blue). The cotton-spandex blend is breathable and absorbs sweat effectively while preventing odors. The bottom of the sock features 100-percent silicone anti-slip grips, which stay sticky even after numerous washes. And as a bonus, the socks arrive in a gift bag, which is perfect for using to store the socks before or after class.

People who own the Muezna Non-Slip Men’s Yoga Socks say that they are comfortable and great for yoga. One reviewer says that they purchased the socks for their father after he slipped while wearing regular socks and that he hasn’t slipped again since.

Best Pack: Dibaolong Women & Men’s Low-Cut Socks

Get the most for your money with the Dibaolong Women’s & Men’s Low-Cut Socks. The pack comes with six pairs of ankle socks in a one-size-fits-most sizing. Made from cotton, nylon, and spandex, the yarn is antibacterial to nix odor and wicking to keep feet dry and comfortable. The socks also feature non-slip dots to keep you stable during your workouts.

People who own the Dibaolong Women’s & Men’s Low-Cut Socks say that the socks stretch to fit all feet sizes and that they are also comfortable with shoes—the no-show style ensures that they don’t peek out from sneakers. Reviewers also say that the socks' non-slip grips are effective and prevent them from sliding about, whether while performing yoga or walking around the home. They're also a great buy for those who do yoga or barre a few times a week since you won't need to constantly do laundry to have a clean pair on hand. 

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