The 6 Best Balance Boards of 2019

Build your core strength with this fun piece of equipment

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First Look

Best Overall: Yes4All Wooden Wobble at Amazon

"Lets you tilt up to 15 degrees and rotate 360 degrees."

Best for Core Strength: Simply Fit at Walmart

"Perfect for people looking to seriously work those abdominals."

Best for Skateboarding: Revolution 101 at Amazon

"Designed to improve your balance and body control."

Best for Beginners: TheraBand Stability at Amazon

"Can be used to work many different muscle groups."

Best for Seniors: SPRI Airex Foam at Amazon

"Will challenge your balance while keeping you close to the floor."

Best for Standing Desk: INDO BOARD at Amazon

"A round cushion can be adjusted to change the difficulty."

Our Top Picks

Best Overall Balance Board: Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board

Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board

Courtesy of Amazon

If you’re looking for a durable balance board that will be sure to improve core strength, posture, coordination, and balance, we recommend this one from Yes4All. Unlike some boards that are designed to go side to side or back to front, this one lets you tilt up to 15 degrees and rotate 360 degrees to work your muscles from all different angles. It’s earned the Amazon Choice seal of approval and previous buyers love that it has plenty of traction so that your feet don’t slip off.

This wooden wobble board is compact and lightweight so it can be used almost anywhere throughout the home. It can also be taken to the gym or even placed at your standing desk since it's easy to transport. The board comes in four different colors, and comes at a great price point. For a tool that will strengthen so many different muscle groups and won't break the bank, try Yes4All's balance board.

Best Balance Board for Core Strength: Simply Fit Balance Board

Simply Fit Balance Board

Courtesy of Wal-Mart

This twisting balance board is perfect for people looking to tighten their tummies and seriously work those abdominal muscles. To use this fun board, you’ll simply engage your stomach muscles to twist back and forward, working all the muscles of the core at once. Each Simply Fit board comes with a DVD full of 10-minute workouts you can do with just two things: your body and your board. The DVD includes workout options for beginners to advanced twisters, so it's a great choice for every fitness level.

The Simply Fit Balance Board is budget-friendly and comes in five vibrant color options. While the board is super lightweight and easy to store, it can hold up to 400 pounds of weight, making it the perfect basic tool to get your fitness journey started. Reviewers rave that the board is both easy to use and makes you sweat only a few minutes after hopping on.

Best Balance Board for Skateboarding: Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

If you’ve always wanted to try skateboarding, or are a seasoned boarder looking for a great strength-building activity, work out with this trainer from Revolution 101. It was designed to improve your balance and body control for board sports like skateboarding.

Whether it’s skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, or stand up paddle boarding, this trainer will target the major muscles in your stomach, waist, thighs, hamstring, hips, and butt to increase your overall stability and performance.

While this is definitely one of the more expensive balance boards out there, it’s really the best option for people looking to seriously challenge themselves. One reviewer calls it a “next level balance board” and swears that even though they've used other balance boards in the past, this one made them feel like a beginner again. While the board is made with roller stops to keep you from rolling too far, advanced users can remove the stops for even more of a challenge. The soft traction top keeps you from slipping and keeps your feet comfortable, even when you use the board without shoes. 

Best Balance Board for Beginners: TheraBand Stability Trainer Pad

For beginners that aren’t quite ready for the rollerball-style board, start your core strength journey with one of these awesome stability trainer pads. The green color indicates that the pad is firm for beginners, but there are two other densities available for when you’re ready to take that next step and challenge yourself.

The pad is made with two surface options for use: one side with rounded points for posture and motor skills training, and the other side with anti-skid bars to keep you from sliding off. Reviewers rave about this pad, saying it is incredibly versatile and can be used to workout many different muscle groups. The lack of a rollerball also makes it a great option for individuals in physical therapy that want to work with a safer training tool.

Best Balance Board for Seniors: SPRI Airex Foam Balance Pad

For seniors who are worried about their stability on a balance board, we recommend this foam pad option from Airex. Instead of a wobbly and potentially dangerous roller ball, standing on this pad will still challenge your balance while keeping you close to the floor, preventing the possibility of major falls.

The pad is made with a non-slip textured surface and is designed to be used barefoot, so even when your muscles are working and you break a sweat, you won’t worry about sliding off. The specialty foam won’t rip and is closed-cell foam, so it won’t absorb moisture and dirt and become moldy over time. We recommend the mini pad which is the perfect size for one hand or one-foot balance exercises.

Best Balance Board for Standing Desk: INDO BOARD Original Balance Board

When you first get a standing desk, standing all day can seem like quite a challenge. But if you quickly adapted to yours and are looking to challenge your balance and posture further, add this INDO BOARD to your set up. According to the brand, standing on the board while you are at your workstation can increase your heart rate by up to 20 percent and will also challenge your core, ability, and focus.

What makes this board different is that it balances on a round cushion that can be adjusted to change the difficulty, instead of a roller which can be intimidating to first-time balance board users. The INDO BOARD comes in 11 different patterns so you can find one that best fits your style, and each board comes with a DVD that features more than two hours of instructional workout content.

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