The 7 Best Ankle Weights to Buy in 2018

Add some resistance to your routine

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Ankle weights are a great addition to your fitness routine that can help you add resistance to your workout to kick it up a notch. They add just enough weight that you'll burn more, but not so much that they will slow you down and tire you out. Aside from exercise purposes, they can even be used when you are trying to gain your strength back after an injury, like knee, ankle, and hip surgeries.

There are two main types of ankle weights: fixed and adjustable. Fixed means that they are one weight measurement, with adjustable meaning you can add more or less resistance (by inserting or taking out small weights in the wrap itself) as you are working out to challenge yourself even more.

The types of exercises you can use with these weights vary greatly from simple leg lifts to a power walk around the block. So depending on your need, you might want to opt for a set that has a lower, higher, or adjustable weight. Remember, if you are buying these for rehabilitation purposes, you should always check with your doctor first before using, and make sure you are doing the exercises correctly to avoid further injury. Here, the best ankle weights for your routine.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Nordic Lifting Ankle/Wrist Weights

If you are looking to add resistance to your workout, look no further than this pair from Nordic Lifting. With this purchase, you'll get a fixed weight that comes in either a 1, 2, 3, or 5-pound size. The weights wrap around the ankle comfortably with their neoprene construction and can be fastened correctly with the velcro strap. If you plan to wear these outside, you'll feel safe knowing there is a reflective strip so cars will see you at night. You'll also get a carrying bag, so you can pack these for a quick workout when you travel. Plus, you can also wear these on your wrist for arm exercises.

This Amazon Choice gets reviews from reviewers using them for many different uses like post-knee surgery, hiking, walking, and more. They also note the comfortable fit and easy to adjust construction.

Best Budget: ProSource Ankle/Wrist Weights

If you are new to the ankle weight game and aren't sure if these will get good use, this is a good set that won't weigh heavy on your wallet. You can choose from 1, 2, 2.5, 3, and 5-pound weights that come in bold colors like green and purple. Suitable for men, women, and children (gymnasts use these often), this pair will be a new favorite for the whole family to get that extra strength they are craving. Neoprene construction makes them soft and helps prevent chaffing while the velcro closure helps them wrap snugly around your ankle.

Best for Walking: Gaiam Fitness Ankle Weights

If walking is your priority when purchasing a pair of ankle weights, this 5-pound set (2.5-pounds each) will get your heart rate and strength up in no time. Made by the famed fitness equipment provider Gaiam, you'll get a comfortable fit for when you hit the streets, but can also use these for step or dancing exercises at home. For those looking for a lighter set to start off with—like those in rehab for an injury or need something with more resistance—another pick from this list is better suited for you.

Best 20 Pound: CAP Barbell 20-Pound Adjustable Ankle Weights

For those who want the ultimate burn, this set can pack on 10-pounds on each ankle, giving you a total of 20 pounds of resistance. But since this is adjustable, you can lower the weight when needed. Each weight in the unit is two pounds so there are five weights in each. If you are going for the full 10 pounds in each leg, you can do exercises like leg lifts, donkey kicks, and more, though at that weight it isn't advised for walking and running. And while they are heavy in size, they fit comfortably—but some reviewers note these aren't suitable for people with skinny legs or ankles.

Best for Women: Healthy Model Life Ankle Weights

Probably the most popular feature about these weights is that they’re used by the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Women will love that the weights, which come in at 1, 2, 5, and 8-pound sets, are designed with their needs in mind. What's best about these is they don't rotate around while you are performing moves, which can be an annoying attribute to many ankle weights. These can even be used on your wrists since they are fully adjustable and have a narrow profile, so you can add in a quick arm burning session after you tone your thighs and glutes.

Best for Beginners: Gold's Gym Adjustable Ankle Weights

Courtesy of Walmart

Just starting out with a therapy or workout routine? Then you might want to opt for a pair of ankle weights that can be adjusted in 1/2 pound increments so you can really tailor them to your needs. This set from the famous Gold's Gym will provide you with everything you need to get you started, including an easy to follow exercise guide that will highlight some effective moves you can use to tone up.

Reviewers are happy with this set, though a few were confused on how to install the weights without them slipping out—so be sure to read the instructions or you might end up with a dropped weight, ouch!

Best Waterproof: CAP Barbell Aquatic Ankle/Wrist Weights

For those that are doing rehab in the pool or any water aerobic fanatic, a set of waterproof ankle and wrist weights ensures you get strength training without harsh impact. This set from CAP Barbell, a top manufacturer, is made of nylon which gives it a waterproof construction, and it comes in a 1.5 or 2.5-pound each set. And since being underwater could pose some fit problems, these are designed to stay in place and not float around.

Reviewers love that they dry fast, don't move around, and have been beneficial for both those who are in a therapy pool or using them for a workout alone.

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