The 8 Best Acupressure Mats of 2021

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Acupressure mats are gaining popularity as an at-home, holistic treatment tool for post-workout recovery and overall stress relief. Similar to acupuncture, acupressure is intended to help chi (Qi), or energy, flow freely through the body by stimulating the body's pressure points.

There is still limited research on the benefits of acupressure, but some experts say that it may relieve pain and help release endorphins, promoting faster recovery and relaxation. “Acupressure mats work to prevent imbalances, enhance circulation, and help reduce the likelihood of stiff and sore muscles from overuse,” says Gudrun Snyder, acupuncturist and founder of Moon Rabbit Acupuncture.

If you're experiencing pain from workouts or daily activity, turning to an acupressure mat may provide relief that stretching or medication cannot. We took a look at mat characteristics—including materials, spikes, size, and extra features—to help you find the top acupressure mats for your needs and budget.

Here are the best acupressure mats on the market.

Our Top Picks
Constructed with durable, easy-to-clean materials, it also features an ergonomic design to add to the overall comfort.
Backed by a satisfaction-guarantee warranty, it's budget-friendly and designed for easing muscle tension.
A stress-relieving combo, the set increases circulation to targeted areas, helping to alleviate aches.
Versatile and effective, the mat and pillow can be used post-workout to ease sore muscles and tight areas or to soothe tired feet.
Ergonomically designed for optimal use, it features lotus-shaped spikes that target and relieve tension where needed.
With 250 nodes made of hard plastic, the mat lets you use your own body weight to press acupressure points on your feet.
If you want a large mat that can target multiple areas at once and provide overall tension relief, this is a great option.
The size of this acupressure mat and its sling-style carrying case make it an ideal travel companion.

Best Overall: Bed of Nails Original Acupressure Mat for Back/Body Pain Treatment

Bed of Nails Original Acupressure Mat for Back/Body Pain Treatment
  • Comes with carrying bag

  • Ergonomic design

  • High ratio of plastic points

  • Excellent quality

  • More expensive than some

  • No pillow included

While the name “Bed of Nails” doesn’t exactly conjure up relaxing thoughts, this incredibly soothing tool can provide you with a healing, peaceful experience. The mat has more than 8,000 non-toxic plastic acupressure points placed closed together, making it a good choice for beginners who want to ease into acupressure treatments.

Constructed with durable, easy-to-clean materials, the mat features an ergonomic design to add to the overall comfort. At 28.5 x 16.5 inches, it's large enough to target several areas at once, yet extremely portable thanks to the addition of a carrying bag. Use it on the floor as well as on a bed, couch, or chair depending on your recovery needs.

Materials: Cotton cover, polyurethane foam, plastic | Pillow: No | Carrying Bag: Yes | Care: Hand wash and hang dry

Best Budget: BalanceFrom Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

Balancefrom Mat
  • Affordable

  • Comes in multiple colors

  • Two-year warranty

  • No carrying bag included

  • On the smaller side

BalanceFrom, a fitness supplier known for highly-rated yoga products, weights, and exercise mats, delivers with their quality Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set. Featuring over 8,000 acupressure point nodes, this option increases circulation and blood flow to stimulated areas. It measures 27 x 17 inches, making it smaller than some, but the included pillow provides additional acupressure points while supporting the head and neck.

Like most acupressure mats, it may feel uncomfortable if you're a beginner, but if you ease your way into your practice by laying on it for a few minutes a day, you can gradually build up to 10 to 30 minutes of stress relief and relaxation.

Materials: Cotton, plant-based eco foam | Pillow: Yes | Carrying Bag: No | Care: Hand wash

Best Set: NAYOYA Acupressure Mat and Neck Pillow Set

NAYOYA Acupressure Mat and Neck Pillow Set
  • Great value

  • Good ratio of pressure points

  • Neck support pillow

  • Money-back guarantee

  • Too firm for some people

  • Only one color option

For a stress-relieving combo, this set from Nayoya can help you feel relaxed and refreshed. The pillow and mat combination makes it easier to target your sore or stiff neck, shoulders, and upper back. With a total of nearly 8,000 acupressure points, the set increases circulation to the targeted areas, helping to alleviate stress and aches. While it may feel too firm or painful for some people to tolerate, working up to 10- to 20-minute sessions can release muscle tension and stimulate blood flow.

The well-designed carrying case makes it easy to store at home or bring it along if you’re hitting the road. Even better, the product’s quality is backed by a lifetime money-back guarantee.

Materials: Cotton, foam, plastic | Pillow: Yes | Carrying Bag: Yes (box with handle) | Care: Hand wash

Best for Relaxation: ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set
  • Affordable

  • High number of pressure points

  • Neck support pillow included

  • Several color options

  • Points are sharper

  • No carrying bag

If you’re looking for a way to relax after sitting at a desk all day, this ProsourceFit mat and pillow set can bring you some soothing pain relief. Both pieces are covered in tiny plastic dots—each with 27 small spikes—for a total of nearly 8,000 acupressure points. Versatile and effective, the set can be used post-workout to ease sore muscles or to soothe tired feet at the end of a long day.

Made with 100% comfortable cotton and a soft, plant-based eco foam, this durable mat is large enough for the back of most people. It can be hand-washed for easy cleaning and it's available in several colors—allowing you to pick one that works with your style preferences.

Materials: Cotton, eco-friendly foam, plastic | Pillow: Yes | Carrying Bag: No | Care: Hand-wash

Best for Lower Back Pain: TimeBeeWell Eco-Friendly Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

TimeBeeWell Eco-Friendly Back and Neck Pain Relief
  • Good for targeting lower back

  • Beautiful design

  • Three-year warranty

  • Eco-friendly materials

  • Pillow and mat might not fit in bag

If you’re seeking some at-home relief for lower back pain, this mat and pillow set is an excellent tool to add to your collection. Ergonomically designed for optimal comfort and effectiveness, it features lotus-shaped spikes that target and relieve tension in your shoulders, neck, and back. The half-moon-shaped pillow helps to promote better posture and alignment, while also supporting the neck.

Made with plant-based eco-foam and non-toxic materials, this mat helps you be kind to yourself as well as the environment. The set is available in a few gorgeous colors and comes with a three-year warranty.

Materials: Cotton cover, eco-foam, plastic | Pillow: Yes | Carrying Bag: Yes | Care: Hand wash

Best for Feet: Daiwa Felicity Foot Massager Reflexology Mat

Daiwa Felicity Foot Massager
  • Inexpensive

  • Very portable

  • Ideal for tired, achy feet

  • Embedded magnets for additional circulation benefits

  • Weight limit of 250 pounds

  • Not ideal for sensitive feet

If your feet often feel tired and achy, get relief with this small yet powerful acupressure mat that’s specifically designed for your soles. With 250 nodes made of hard plastic, the mat lets you use your own body weight to press acupressure points on your feet. It also has 10 embedded magnets to help improve blood circulation.

Additionally, this budget-friendly mat is compact and very portable, so you can easily stash it in a bag or suitcase. You may need to slowly and gently ease into regular use, but your feet will eventually thank you.

Materials: Plastic nodes | Pillow: No | Carrying Bag: Not listed | Care: Not Listed

Best for Tension Relief: Shakti Mat Original Acupressure Mat

Shakti Mat
  • Good for muscle tension relief

  • Eco-friendly materials

  • 60-day money back guarantee

  • Cushioning not as dense

  • No pillow or carrying case

If you want a large mat that can target multiple areas at once and provide overall tension relief, the Shakti Mat is a smart choice. At 29 inches long, it’s big enough to treat your entire back and neck at the same time.

Handcrafted in India with eco-friendly, non-toxic materials, the mat has 4,000-8,000 pressure points (depending on which intensity level you buy) on disks that conform to the shape of your body. Whether you use it post-workout or at the end of a long workday, this mat can help release muscle tension and promote a calm, restorative feeling.

Materials: Organic cotton, non-toxic polythene foam, ABS plastic | Pillow: No | Carrying Bag: No | Care: Hand wash

Best Portable: Spoonk Acupressure Mat

Spoonk Regular Acupressure Mat
  • Very portable

  • Comes with carrying case

  • Affordable

  • Eco-friendly materials

  • Mat is on the smaller side

  • Limited color options

Traveling can often be stressful, but bringing along a relaxation tool can give you some relief on the road. At 26.6 inches long, the size of this Spoonk acupressure mat and its sling-style carrying case make it an ideal travel companion. You can pack it up and use it to help alleviate stiffness after a long flight or after extensive trips in the car.

Although it’s smaller than some mats, it’s still filled with more than 6,000 stimulation points. Made with eco-friendly materials—including plant-based eco foam and organic cotton—it’s a perfect addition to any at-home or on-the-go relaxation routine.

Materials: Hypoallergenic ABS plastic, CertiPur-US eco foam, organic cotton | Pillow: No | Carrying Bag: Yes | Care: Hand wash

Final Verdict

Although the name and appearance may be a bit intimidating, the Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat (view at Amazon) offers pain and stress relief. Extremely durable and versatile, it can be used when you’re lying down or sitting to target a wide range of areas, from your head to your feet.

If you’re new to acupressure and not quite sure if you want to invest in a high-end mat, the BalanceFrom Acupressure Mat (view at Amazon) is another reliable and affordable pick. It’s smaller than some other mats, but it is extremely portable and comes with a pillow that can provide support for the head and neck, as well as more acupressure points.

What to Look for in an Acupressure Mat


Acupressure mats made with high-quality materials will be more effective and long-lasting. For optimal comfort and durability, the padding of the mat should be a sturdy, non-toxic foam, not polyurethane. The best mats have covers that are made of cotton or some other breathable, natural fabric that feels soft and is easy to clean. In general, acupressure points are plastic; however, there are some mats with metal spikes.

To avoid any potential chemical sensitivities or odors, some brands focus on eco-friendly materials, which may increase the cost of the mat.


The more spikes on a mat, the easier it is to adjust to the treatment and the more pressure points you’ll hit. Most quality mats have anywhere from 6,000 to more than 8,000 spikes.


Acupressure mats vary in length and width, so consider how much coverage you’ll need and where you’ll be using it. While larger mats are versatile to treat many areas at once, smaller ones are ideal for carrying to the gym, yoga studio, work, or on vacation. They’re also good if you want to target one spot, such as your feet or lower back.

Extra Features

An included acupressure pillow is a nice bonus because you can use it to support your neck while also getting additional pressure points. However, many mats can be rolled up and used to treat a sore neck, so a pillow is not a must-have item. Some mats come with a carrying bag, which is ideal for storage or for taking your mat on the road.


How do you use an acupressure mat?

If you’re using an acupressure mat for the first time, or you’re still fairly new to the treatment, wearing a lightweight shirt or using a sheet on it will allow your skin to develop some tolerance to the points. As you become accustomed to the feeling over time, you’ll eventually be able to use it on bare skin. Initially, you’ll want to use it on a bed or couch, rather than a hard floor.

Position the area of your body that you want to treat across the mat. You may want to use a small pillow under your neck for support. Try to lay on it for just a few minutes to start. The first minute or so may hurt slightly, but the pain will diminish as your skin adjusts and you begin to feel more relaxed. To get the maximum benefits, it’s recommended to lay on the mat for 20 to 30 minutes a day. You can also use an acupressure mat for a foot treatment by standing on the mat.

How do acupressure mats work?

Acupressure therapy is similar to acupuncture, but the spikes on the mats do not puncture the skin. The unique design of acupressure mats allows them to hit and stimulate thousands of points on your body at once, which can lead to pain relief and relaxation.

“For people who have a fear of needles or want a DIY home version of acupuncture, acupressure mats can provide a safe and easy-to-use alternative to treat what ails you and help you be your most Zen self,” says Snyder.

The benefits of acupressure are still being studied, so keep in mind that acupressure mats shouldn't be used as a substitute for medical treatment or advice from a healthcare professional. However, they can be used as part of a holistic wellness routine.

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