Top 10 Abdominal Exercise Equipment Choices

If your ab workout is getting stale, adding a few pieces of ab exercise equipment may not only spice up your workout, it may also help you better strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles.

To get the most from abdominal exercises you can add variety, increase the intensity or simply add a bit of novelty. You may even want to try adding a few pieces of ab exercise equipment to your routine.

Ab equipment can help you stay motivated, and help you target core muscles you may not activate while performing standard crunches or other basic ab moves. While no product will magically give you 'six-pack' abs, the following pieces of ab exercise equipment may help you put variety and focus back into your core strengthening routine.​

Keep in mind that getting great abs takes more than just exercise. You also need proper nutrition and a well-balanced exercise routine to go with the ab exercise in order to reduce the layer of belly fat hiding your workout efforts. Maintaining a well-rounded workout routine that includes cardio, strength training, and a healthy diet will help you get even more from the following best buys.


The Ab Carver is extremely effective for challenging your core strength. This simple piece of ab exercise equipment offers a high intensity, yet safe ab workout because it provides resistance when you roll forward, but gives a bit of assistance when you roll back in. The wide and curved footprint provides great stability when carving left and right and helps target the obliques, which is tough to do on the flat ab roller wheels. It's a nice upgrade to the traditional core training — the Ab Carver offers a new twist on a complete ab workout.


Kettlebells are bowling ball-sized cast iron weights with a single looped handle on top. Working with kettlebells provides an excellent whole body and ​core workout while building strength and stability.


Medicine ball workouts are a favorite for getting the most out of any abdominal strengthening routine.


The pull-up exercise (also called a chin up) is one of the most overlooked exercises for building upper body, back and core strength. It requires a very simple piece of exercise equipment — a chin up bar. Chin up bars can be elaborate, free-standing pieces of exercise equipment, or simple, doorway chin up bars you purchase online or at a local sporting goods store.


Using the Bosu Balance Trainer provides a full body workout for strength, agility and especially balance. You can perform several great core strengthening routines that require coordination and proprioception training. A nice, simple addition to any ab workout routine.


If you have a standard balance ball at home you have a mini-gym. The number of exercises (especially ab work) that you can do with a balance ball is practically unlimited. Get a starter video to get the basics and go from there.


A rowing machine is a great way to get endurance exercise while focusing on core strength. This whole body exercise is a sure way to build ab strength.


The Ab Roller helps you target the rectus abdominis muscle while providing support to your neck and head. The armrests also let you relax your shoulders so you can do regular crunches without straining. Great for those who have neck and shoulder pain, or need help getting their ab crunch technique just right.


Still one of the better ab workout videos on the market, The Firm has it all — lots of variety, clear instruction, effective exercises and a straight-forward approach to ab training.


The standard crunch is still one of the best, most effective and efficient ways to strengthen and tone your abs. Getting a high-quality exercise mat will make doing crunches more appealing during those commercials. Why lay on the hardwood or shag carpet?


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