Azumio Instant Heart Rate App Review

Measure Your Heart Rate on Demand Using Your Cell Phone Camera

Azumio Instant Heart Rate App
Azumio Screen Capture by Wendy Bumgardner

If you want to track your heart rate for exercise or health, but don't want to mess with a separate heart rate monitor or pulse monitor, the Azumio Instant Heart Rate app for iOS, Android, and Windows is a convenient solution. It will quickly tell you your heart rate and the paid version offers a range of other cool features.

How It Works

To use the app, you first set your age and sex so it can calculate your heart rate zones. Then, to take a reading, all you need to do is place a finger over the camera of your mobile device. It even works well if you have a protective phone case.

Amazingly, it detects your pulse from the change of color on your fingertip. It works quickly, too—you'll get a reading in seconds. First, you'll see the heartbeat graph as it detects the color change in your fingertip. Once it gets a steady beat, it measures for 10 seconds and then gives you a final reading.

The app functions best with a mobile device that has an LED flash. While you can use it with devices that don't have one, it only works in a brightly lit area, such as outdoors or next to a window.

How to Interpret Your Reading

If the heart rate measured is below an exercise heart rate, the app displays it on a resting heart rate analysis indicator. If it is above the threshold to be an exercise heart rate, it shows it with your percent of maximum and which heart rate zone you are achieving.

The Instant Heart Rate app also provides lots of general heart rate information and has a tool that gives you your optimal heart rate range for a variety of scenarios, including resting, light exercise, weight loss, and conditioning.

Besides taking your heart rate on-demand, you can also take a heart rate recovery fitness test to help measure your fitness progress. To do this, you get your heart rate up to 70% of maximum while the app takes a few readings to see how fast your heart rate recovers towards normal.

Premium Features

In addition to the free app, there is an Instant Heart Rate+ Heart Monitor version. You can subscribe for one to 12 months, and the subscription automatically renews. With the paid app options, you can store your heart rate readings and view them on a graph.

This is well worth the few dollars charged. The stored information can be handy to use during a workout, allowing you to take the readings at various times and compare the results. You can also share your heart rate measurements via email, text message Twitter, and Facebook.

The subscription includes a health bundle with a stress test to measure and track your stress level and overall fitness, healthy lifestyle tools, and printable heart health insight reports. You can choose different health programs geared toward weight loss or getting more active.

Pros and Cons

This app has been around for several years, and during that time, more and more devices have built-in LED flash, which supports better performance. Plus, studies have found this app, as well as specific the method of using the camera to take a reading, to be particularly accurate compared with its competitors.

You can use the app while you are out walking and won't have much trouble getting a good reading. For more vigorous exercise, you may want to stop and march in place while taking a reading, as you would if you were taking your exercise pulse.

This app is not a continuous heart rate monitor, so if you want truly instant readings throughout a workout, you need a heart rate monitor with a chest strap sensor. There are now many heart rate monitor straps available that use Bluetooth to transmit data to a phone app or a fitness wearable.

One unfortunate thing with the basic app version is the frequent pop-ups ads prompting you to subscribe to the premium version. Many other heart rate apps are now on the market but most are not as easy-to-use or as reliable as the Azumio app.

Azumio calls its app "the first, fastest, and most accurate mobile heart rate monitor," and it delivers on all counts.

Bottom Line

The Instant Heart Rate app is a very useful addition to your mobile phone. You can check your resting heart rate in bed in the morning or your exercise pulse on demand. The readings are consistent and reliable. In fact, the app touts that it's used by Standford University cardiologists and other researchers in clinical trials.

The free app and the low-priced paid version are cheaper than any pulse monitor device or fitness wearable. Additionally, Azumio offers a number of other high-quality health and fitness apps that track a variety of wellness topics, including workouts, glucose levels, sleep, and calories, which interface with the Instant Heart Rate app.

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