Aurorae Synergy Hot Yoga Mat Makes Hot Yoga Easier

An innovative towel/mat combo makes hot yoga a breeze

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Aurorae Synergy Yoga Mat

Aurorae Synergy Hot Yoga Mat

Verywell Fit / Joy Merrifield

What We Like
  • Lightweight

  • Machine washable

  • Very absorbent

  • Doesn’t bunch or slip

What We Don't Like
  • Slow to dry

  • Mat is squishy, not cushioning

Bottom Line

Aurorae’s Synergy Hot Yoga Mat is a convenient, affordable mat with great traction under damp conditions, and it’s very easy to clean.


Aurorae Synergy Yoga Mat

Aurorae Synergy Hot Yoga Mat

Verywell Fit / Joy Merrifield

We purchased the Aurorae Synergy Hot Yoga Mat so our expert reviewer could thoroughly test it. Keep reading for our full product review.

Aurorae’s Synergy Hot Yoga Mat aims to address the greatest challenge to the hot yoga practitioner: How do you maintain poses safely when standing in a puddle of sweat? The standard approach has been to drape towels over your mat, but those slip, bunch up, get caught on your feet during transitions, and can just generally be a distraction. Aurorae’s Synergy combines the yoga mat and yoga towel into one bonded, absorbent unit, letting you concentrate on your practice rather than your practice accessories. I gave the highly rated product a try to see if it could stand the heat of a full month of sessions.

Aurorae Synergy Hot Yoga Mat

Verywell Fit / Joy Merrifield 

Grip/Comfort: Not slippery when wet

The microfiber towel side of the mat is soft, lush, and pretty low-grip when dry. You could get away with it if you had to, but this mat really isn’t intended for dry use. If you’re using the Synergy for a non-hot yoga session and don’t have naturally sweaty hands and feet, Aurorae recommends misting it down with water first. I tried the mat both ways—dry and wet—and found that my hands were slipping badly until they were at least a little damp. The wetter the towel gets, the greater the traction. 

My knees and lower back complained some. For one session, I doubled up with another studio mat underneath.

The thickness of the PER (Polymer Environmental Resin) mat is 5 millimeters, which sounds more plush and protective than the Synergy feels. The mat may be thick, but the material has a lot of give to it (much more than rubber or PVC), so my knees and lower back complained some. For one session, I doubled up with another studio mat underneath, which was a nice break for my sensitive knees.

It’s worth noting that this product contains no latex, silicone, rubber, or phthalates, and it’s OEKO-TEX-approved (in other words, free of harmful chemicals).

Aurorae Synergy Hot Yoga Mat
Verywell Fit / Joy Merrifield

Portability: Light and easy

At about 3.5 pounds, the Synergy was the lightest mat I reviewed. Despite the density, the mat itself is relatively pliable, so I didn’t feel like I was carrying around a 72-inch battering ram. The pliability may tempt you to fold the mat like a blanket instead of rolling it, but take note: You will probably end up with a permanent crease. 

The wetter the towel gets, the greater the traction.

Durability: Stands up to moderate use

The towel and mat are bonded throughout and sewn together at the edges with a tight binding stitch. After a month of regular vinyasa and power yoga classes, plus three runs through a washing machine, the mat held up beautifully. This mat’s colors are vibrant, so be warned that drying in direct sunlight will likely fade them after time.

Blue Aurorae Synergy Hot Yoga Mat

Verywell Fit / Joy Merrifield 

Ease of Cleaning: Throw it on the laundry pile

Ease of cleaning is where the Synergy mat shines the brightest. Mats used for hot yoga are notorious for collecting odors and really ought to be cleaned after every use. Hosing off a mat in the bathtub or spot cleaning with a spray rarely gets the job done well enough, though. If you have a regular practice, trying to keep up with your mat’s cleanliness is especially essential and especially tedious.

I liked that I could pitch Aurora’s Synergy directly into a washing machine after use; that’s about as easy as it gets. The brand recommends that you only do this with a front-loading washer—I’m guessing that the agitator in a top-loader could tangle the mat. Some users have given it a whirl with their top-loading machines without any problems, but just proceed with caution. 

Ease of cleaning is where the Synergy mat shines the brightest.

The mat should only be air-dried, which is the one hiccup in the cleaning process. A fully soaked yoga mat takes more than a day to air-dry, and that doesn’t really work if you have a daily hot yoga practice. Aurorae says you can speed up the process a bit by wrapping the mat in a towel and pressing the excess water out. But if you’re attempting this maneuver in a commercial or communal laundry facility like I did, rather than in your home, it’s going to take some maneuvering. 

I recommend laying a clean towel down on the floor, putting the mat on top with the towel side up, and then rolling both tightly together like a cinnamon roll to expel the water.   

Price: A combo value

The Synergy mat is a reasonably affordable investment, costing between $60 and $70. If you primarily do hot yoga, you’re really getting a two-for-one value, since it saves you the expense of a separate towel. On the other hand, the Synergy isn’t the best performer in dry conditions, so you might end up needing a different mat for your less swampy sessions.  

Competition: Separate towels are nice, too

Nanga Yoga SnapMat: If the drying time of the Aurorae Synergy is too long for your frequent practice, the SnapMat from Nanga Yoga may be a better solution. A soft, absorbent microfiber towel is held in place with magnetic snaps at the head and foot of the mat, preventing towel slippage during practice and enabling quick and easy laundering after. I like the option of using it without the towel for a less vigorous class. I also like that you can purchase a few extra towels for your weekly rotation if you’re better at getting to yoga class than getting to the laundromat, or if your fitness routine includes other sweaty activities like working out on rowing machines or cycling.

Yogitoes Yoga Towel: At the end of the day, a built-in towel/mat combination may be trying to reinvent the wheel a little. For a simpler solution, the Yogitoes yoga towel from Manduka is legendary for its absorption and portability. Placed over a standard mat, the silicone nubs on the underside should be enough to prevent too much slipping around. Additionally, combined materials like the towel/mat hybrid aren’t really recyclable when they’ve worn out. A separate towel and conservationally minded mat are both functional and responsible.

Final Verdict

A perfect solution for hot yoga and hot yogis.    

If the majority of your yoga practice is hot yoga, or if you run hot and every yoga class is hot yoga to you, then I definitely recommend the Aurorae Synergy Hot Yoga Mat. The bonded towel is absorbent, comfortable, and grippy, and nothing beats the convenience of throwing it into a washing machine.


  • Product Name Synergy Yoga Mat
  • Product Brand Aurorae
  • Price $59.95
  • Weight 3.6 lbs.
  • Color Emerald, Amethyst, Lapis, Onyx, Sapphire, Tahiti Tide
  • Material PER (Polymer Environmental Resin)
  • Thickness 5 mm.
  • Warranty 2 year when purchased from Aurorae or Amazon