15 Apps and Websites to Help Young Adults Stay Healthy and Fit

Millennials and young adults are taking care of themselves. Using apps and websites to enhance their healthy lifestyles is an obvious choice for this tech-loving generation. 


7 minute workout

The 7-minute workout uses the exerciser's body weight to create exercises that build strength and muscle, rather than having to go to a gym or use equipment. While the app is free, some of the programs need to be purchased, most for a nominal fee.


Cooking Light

The Cooking Light website has a huge assortment of recipes pulled from Cooking Light magazine. Easy-to-make meals are great for on-the-go young adults.


Couch to 5K (C25K)

C25K takes couch potatoes and exercise slackers and slowly moves them from sitting to running a 5K (3 miles). The time period for this evolution is two months, and there's a strong, supportive community available online for those in the program.


Down Dog

Down Dog is a yoga app so users can find their center anywhere they go, from office to home to hotel rooms to the beach. 



Fitocracy is a website where trainers offer their services at a variety of prices and levels of intensity, based on the client's needs. There is lots of one-on-one communication at the more expensive level with coaching for fitness and nutrition/wellness.


Green Kitchen

The app Green Kitchen is a vegetarian recipe app for healthy, interesting and fun recipes focusing on plant-based meals. 


Heidi Somers on YouTube

Heidi Somers is a combination of social media star and fitness guru, with a little reality show thrown in. Heidi shares her life, fitness, nutrition tips, and more on her YouTube channel. With over 750,000 subscribers, she's one of the most popular fitness YouTubers around.


Map My Fitness

If you are a traveler, Map My Fitness is a handy tool to help you find the best and most convenient running routes in cities around the world, and it syncs to other fitness apps to keep track of miles run and calories burned.


Lose It!

Lose It! lets you track and plan your fitness and diet. It has a scanner for counting calories and nutrients, and you can also look up foods using an image. There's a basic plan and a premium plan that's $39.99 a year.


If It Fits Your Macros

How do you know If It Fits Your Macros? Macros is another term for fat, carbohydrates, and proteins. If It Fits Your Macros offers personalized plans for eating well and losing weight, ranging from the $19.99 a month plan to the $119 a year plan. Home-based workouts in the custom plan are tailored specifically to the client's needs and profile.



Noom Coach is a mobile application that promotes long-term weight loss by helping users build healthy, sustainable lifestyle habits. Noom is unique in that it can be built around a group of people as well as individuals, which works well for employers looking to improve the health of their workforce.


Plant Nanny

Plant Nanny helps track water intake to stay well-hydrated and energized.



Rise is a weight loss program that is tailored to the individual. It focuses on healthy living and uses daily accountability to keep clients on track. Also unique to Rise is photo-based communication between user and coach/nutritionist. With an emphasis on helping busy people stay on track, Rise is popular with millennials who are on the go and working long hours.



Runkeeper is an app for runners. Not only does it map and count runs, but it also has group challenges. It connects directly to the very popular Spotify music app to keep energy up during those intense runs.



StrongLifts focuses on weight training with free weights and barbells. The app offers answers to questions ranging from what kind of weights are needed in a home gym to how long one should rest between reps. 

By Sharon Greenthal
Sharon Greenthal is a writer and editor who specializes in parenting, midlife, empty nesting, and marriage.