Alternative Fitness Equipment Reviews

What to Know Before You Buy

Not all fitness equipment is created equal, and companies release new equipment every year in the hopes that consumers will buy, buy, buy. Before you jump on the next fitness infomercial bandwagon, make sure the equipment you're purchasing is worth the expense. Check out these reviews of a few pieces of alternative fitness equipment, and bookmark this page for future additions.


Handles and attachments. Laura Williams

The Crossrope is one piece of fitness equipment I wholeheartedly suggest you purchase. I'm a big fan of jump rope workouts, and Crossrope revolutionizes the way you can set up and maximize your jump rope routine. By offering weighted, interchangeable ropes and comfortable, easy-to-hold handles, the possibilities for jumping rope are practically endless. Check out the full review and see a sample of one of the Crossrope workouts I created.



EVOFIT enso Roller. EVOFIT

Foam rolling is an excellent way to self-massage tight and sore muscles. The enso Roller by EVOFIT has made customizable rolling even easier, especially for previously hard-to-work zones, such as the low back and hips. Find out why the enso Roller is now my go-to self-massage tool for foam rolling workouts.


Da Vinci Bodyboard Review

Da Vinci Bodyboard in action. Da Vinci Bodyboard

The Da Vinci Bodyboard can be used in-studio or at home as a full-body resistance training gym. It uses resistance bands, hand grips, and ankle cuffs to mimic the effects of a Pilates-style workout, but can also be used for more traditional strength and cardio routines.


Upper Body Balance Work. Jamaica King

Jamaica “rarax3” King is a fitness enthusiast and wannabe world traveler who blogs at She went to 220 Fitness to test out a new StrongBoard Balance board, and came away with lots of great information for this review. You can purchase the board for home use, or you can take advantage of its benefits at a participating workout studio.



Wearing the DISQ. Laura Williams

The DISQ is a revolutionary way to take your workout with you wherever you go. Fitness professionals and home fitness enthusiasts can wear the DISQ resistance training system wherever they go. Simply strap on the waist pack and connect the resistance handles to the ankle cuffs, and you have an insta-gym anywhere. Learn more about the pros and cons of this new and innovative system.



Cycling on a Hydrobike. Laura Williams

Aqua bikes sound like a fun way to stay fit at the river or lake, but they're an expensive investment - a couple thousand dollars for a new Hydrocycle. If you know you'll use yours often, it could be the best investment you'll ever make, but if it's just going to sit in your garage, the fun probably isn't worth the money.



For the dish on equipment like Lebert Equalizers, suspension trainers, kettlebells, BOSU balls, and battle ropes, check out this article that breaks down the basics. All 10 items featured are high-quality options for home fitness equipment, but they're not all right for all people. Choose your favorites based on your fitness level, goals, and the amount of space you have at home to workout.



Octane Fitness

If you're in the market for a piece of home fitness equipment, you might want to skip the treadmill or elliptical and check out Octane Fitness' new Zero Runner. The motion takes a little getting used to, but you might be surprised by its long-term benefits.




Primal fitness is gaining steam, and its options extend far past basic kettlebell and sandbag routines. If you're looking for a way to strength train while also boosting your heart rate during full-body exercises, consider looking into workouts with steel clubs. It sounds intimidating, but is incredibly effective.


Before You Buy Equipment

As always, make a point of testing out equipment before you make a purchase. The only type of fitness equipment that actually works is the fitness equipment you'll actually use. If you buy an item, then let it just collect dust in the corner, you're throwing money down the drain. Head to a gym to test-drive your must-buy items, or make sure you buy equipment with a substantial return policy.