Are Alphalete Leggings Worth the Price? Our Health Editor Weighs In

Our editor’s honest review of Alphalete’s leggings' material, fit, and more

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Alphalete Leggings

Verywell Fit / Kevin Liang

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Finding the perfect pair of gym leggings is way harder than it should be. They need to hug you in all the right places, make you feel confident, be built to last, and support you even when you’re in that vulnerable mid-squat position. 

I never found a pair of shorts or leggings that checked every single one of those boxes for me until I bought my first pair of Alphalete Amplify leggings

I won’t lie to you, before I hit the buy button I was hesitant, to say the least. The price tag, for starters, is nowhere near the amount I was used to paying. But then again, I was used to cheaping-out on leggings that awkwardly slid down my waist while simultaneously giving me camel toe as I exercised, and I was tired of it. So I took the plunge—and never looked back.


Aphalete Athletics

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The material used in Alphalete’s Amplify leggings and shorts is the brand’s secret sauce in my opinion. The first time I touched them, I knew I had made a good purchase. The quality is obvious. They’re thick but still breathable, super soft yet strong, stretchy yet structured—all thanks to the winning fabrics Alphlete uses. 

While most athletic wear is made from fabrics like nylon, Lycra, and Spandex, Amplify leggings consist of a knit made mostly from polyamide and polyester, which are big-league names in the athleisure world. Polyester is a strong, lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric that’s mildew-resistant. Not to mention it repels dirt and stains (which comes in handy when you’re exercising on the floor of a dirty gym). 

Polyamide, on the other hand, is even more durable, less prone to pilling, and more breathable than polyester. Both are shrink-resistant to top it off. Put the two miracle fabrics together and you get an incredible pair of leggings that feel like heaven.


A small drawback to Alphalete’s Amplify shorts and leggings is that the fit can be tricky due to inconsistencies in sizing. While I have half a dozen pairs that fit perfectly, I’ve returned almost as many in the exact same size because they were wildly tighter. 

Some people swear it’s a difference between the lighter-colored and darker-colored fabric options, but I haven’t found that to be entirely true. For example, I have a pair of rich brown leggings in a size small that fit like a glove, but I’ve returned a pair of true indigo leggings in the same size because they felt like they were going to crack my bottom ribs they were so tight. And these two shades (brown and indigo) have the same level of depth and darkness in my eyes. 

I will say that all of the light shades of Alphalete’s Amplify bottoms are consistent in size and I haven’t found one to be too tight yet. So, if you’re in between sizes and this is your first pair of Amplifies, I recommend opting for one of the lightest shades in your normal size and going from there. The good news is that Alphalete offers free shipping for exchanges and their exchange shipping is incredibly fast. 

Plus, once you find the size that fits you best you’ll feel like you’re wearing a second skin. They’re easy to pull on and off, they don’t ride up or slip down, and they never feel restrictive. The best part? No camel toe—ever. 

Alphalete Amplify Leggings

Verywell Fit / Loren Brutsch


The support of workout leggings comes down to two main features: the level of compression of the waistband, and the opacity of the fabric (whether or not they’re squat-proof). Alphalete’s Amplify leggings and shorts exceeded my expectations for both. 

To start, the waistband has a thicker weave of fabric than the legs to give an added layer of support where it matters most. It’s also incredibly compressive without being suffocating. Even when I’m bloated, the Amplify shorts and leggings make me feel snatched. 

I also love the width of the waistband. While competitor options have a waistband width that’s often too short (so it doesn’t cover the little fluff under my belly button) or too long (so it comes up way too high on my waist past my bottom ribs). Alphaletes hit a perfect balance in a way that sucks in everything I want it to while still comfortably exposing my midriff. 

To top it off, every single pair of Amplify shorts and leggings I own are fully squat-proof—even the lightest shade in my drawer (utility grey). Again, the support level is superior thanks to the fabric within the knit—polyamide and polyester. Both are sturdy, stretchy, thicker fabrics that are ideal for retaining the shape of the garment. 

How They Stack Up to Competitors 

Alaphalete vs Gymshark 

If I could pick a second-best brand to Alphalete it would be Gymshark. While Gymshark’s leggings and shorts are just as supportive and flattering as Alphalete’s, they’re also a good deal more affordable to boot. 

However, I still prefer Alphalete’s Amplify leggings and shorts over Gymshark because they’re softer, feel like they’re slightly higher quality, and have a classier design (in my opinion). I also have multiple pairs of Gymshark leggings that slip down my waist mid-workout. In Alphalete, I know they’re not budging. Overall, I just feel more confident when wearing a pair of Alphalete’s exercise pants. 

Alphalete vs lululemon 

If I’m being honest, I’ve never been a lululemon girl because I’ve never been able to justify their price and I think their designs are a bit stuffy (sorry, to all the lululemon superfans). I was, however, given a pair of lululemon leggings as a gift and I was immediately aware of their pros. The buttery fabric feels expensive, is clearly built to last, and holds a beautiful color. However, I’ve never had a worse camel toe in my life. If front seams are a worry for you, I highly recommend skipping lululemon and opting for Alphelete. 

When considering the feel of the fabric, lululemon may have a leg up on Alphalete. However, taking into consideration price, fit, and support—Alphalete comes out on top unscathed. 

Alphalete Amplify Legging

Verywell Fit / Loren Brutsch

Are Alphalete Leggings Worth the Price? 

Yes. And here’s why—in addition to their superior material and fit, I know these leggings are going to last. My Alphaletes look exactly the same as the day I first bought them—dozens of washes later. Their color hasn’t dulled, I haven’t worried about them ripping, and they still fit like a glove. Considering how quickly cheaper options rip, fade, and become misshapen, I know I’m actually saving money in the long run. 

Lastly, you can’t put a price on the confidence they give me in the gym. I feel flawless. 

Right now, you can get 10% off your first order of Alphalete Amplify Leggings. The leggings come in 22 different colors and in sizes from XXS-XXL, so there’s a style and fit for everyone!

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