Sports Training Camps Aren't Just for Kids

Adult sports training camps are not only fun but serious fitness training

adults in surf class
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Relaxing on a beach is one of the most most popular vacation ideas for many, but if you are an avid athlete you probably can't sit still too long, even on vacation.

If you find yourself scheduling in quick exercise sessions during family vacations, an active vacation might be more your style. You aren't alone in this. More travelers are looking for active vacations that combine fitness, travel, adventure and typical vacation down time.

Active vacations are a great way for fitness buffs to maintain conditioning while enjoying family vacations. Organized bike tours, walking or hiking trips, and even sports training camps offer daily exercise followed by evenings of pampered relaxation and gourmet meals.

The Next Level Active Vacation: Sports Training Camp

For those who want to take an active vacation to the next level, a sports training camp may be just the ticket. Most people think sports camps are for kids learning to play soccer, basketball, tennis or some other little league sport. But adult training camps are becoming a popular way for recreational athletes to ramp up their sport skills and fitness levels. There are camps that cater to every sport, every age and ability, as well as women-only camps.

So, if you are tempted to give your next active vacation a new twist, consider a sports training camp.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Sports Training Camps for Adults

  • IMG Academy is an advanced, state-of-the-art, multi-sport training and educational facility created for young athletes as well as professionals. In addition to training in golf, soccer, baseball and basketball, the IMG offers performance and mental conditioning as well.
  • Carmichael Training Systems Camps offer expert coaching for cyclists, runners and swimmers.
  • AthletiCamps offer cycling training in Northern California.
  • Mountain Workshop offer outdoor adventures of all kinds.
  • Running Camps for All Ages is a listing provided by
  • Run Santa Fe's Camp Marafiki offers you a chance to train with top marathoners.
  • provides a massive listing of surf camps and schools.
  • offers fantasy camps, recreational adventures, sports programs and learning vacations for the adult traveler.
  • U.S. SportsCamps has a database of over 500 camps in 15 different sports with unique instructional programs for all ability levels.
  • Windell's Camps at Mt. Hood offers summer and winter sessions for snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding and BMX. All ages, all abilities.
  • The Shaw Guide is a clearinghouse of high performance camps and programs. Simply type in your sport or activity and you can wade through a large list camps that cater to your whim.

Camps for Kids and Teens

  • has a directory of summer adventure camps & programs for kids & teens.
  • provides a directory of hundreds of sports camps (soccer to wakeboarding) for kids and teens.
  • Outward Bound Wilderness Courses offer over 650 adventure-based wilderness courses serving adults, teens and youth.
  • U.S. Sports Camps also has camps for kids and teens, as well as adults. It's database of over 500 camps feature 15 different sports with unique instructional programs for all ability levels.
  • Adventure Treks offers two-week caving, climbing, hiking and paddling adventures for teenagers.