AnabelFitness Pilates Gloves Review

Does Wearing Gloves Really Make a Difference?

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AnabelFitness makes products for Pilates and yoga that improve grip for hands and feet. Meant for the studio, but also perfect for travel, their gloves are lightweight and improve grip while allowing airflow to keep hands cool and dry.

The Difference Wearing Gloves Makes

People don't usually wear Pilates gloves, so you might be wondering why you should invest in a pair. It may seem like a frivolous, unnecessary purchase, but there are a few good reasons why you should consider it. Do your hands ever sweat when you exercise? Have you ever slipped on the mat or Pilates equipment?

Based on my own experience there are certain Pilates exercises that make me worry about slipping, like the tendon stretch and long backstretch on the reformer. For those who practice yoga, a pair of non-slip gloves and socks are extremely portable and much easier than lugging a mat somewhere, like on vacation. They make any surface a sticky mat. You might even want to use non-slip gloves and socks as barriers between your hands and feet and the mats and equipment in a public workout space.

About AnabelFitness' TheGlove

AnabelFitness' Pilates gloves, aptly titled TheGlove, are not as fitted as many Pilates and yoga gloves are. They aren't made out of stretchy material. The grip and back parts of the gloves are made from recyclable TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and they are trimmed with Lycra. They're also reversible, which allows you to use the grippy side when you need a grip and the smooth side when you don't.​​

The gloves come in unisex small and large sizes. I have medium-to-large-sized hands, but they are on the thin side. The large fits, but there is an extra fabric that bunches up across the backs of my hands. It doesn't affect performance at all, but it does affect the look a little. There is a small Velcro strap that tightens the gloves at the wrist. My friend who is 6 feet tall and has large hands tried to get these gloves on, but it was impossible, so guys with large hands: these gloves are not for you.

TheGlove comes in two styles: the Original Master, which comes in Black, and the Limited Master, which comes in Grass and Tangerine. Each retails for $26. These gloves are slightly more expensive than other Pilates and yoga gloves I've seen, but they're lightweight, easy to care for, made out of recyclable material and, most importantly, they work. I've worn them for Pilates and while doing yoga without a sticky mat and I didn't slip.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.

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