30-Minute Celebrity Workout to Do at Home


Work Out Like a Celebrity at Home

Celebrity Workout for Beginners
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Want the body of a celebrity? With a some hard work and dedication, you might be able to get it. Believe it or not, celebrities do the same workouts that the rest of us do. And many celebrities are exercise newbies. So they aren't necessarily comfortable in the gym.

Of course, celebrities can hire expert trainers, like JR Allen. JR has trained high powered executives and stars including recording artists Bridget Kelly, Starshell and Mary J. Blige. He even helped Mary J. Blige get the body she flaunted on the cover of Shape magazine. 

So we asked JR if he would design a workout for you. And he did!


Celebrity Trainer JR Allen

Celebrity trainer JR Allen. JR Allen

Expert trainer JR Allen works with celebrities, but he also trains regular folks like us. JR offers personalized training and wellness services through his company 2daybefit.  He designed this simple total body workout as a great way to lose weight and get fit at home. If you do it consistently, you can expect to see real results. Of course you may not become a celebrity, but you might look and feel like one.   


Warm up for Your Celebrity Workout

Squats are part of a full body warm-up. JR Allen

To do JR's celebrity workout, you should use a pair of light dumbbells. No weights at home? No problem. Just do the series without weights, or use filled water bottles or soup cans for added resistance. Then gradually increase the weight as you feel stronger and more fit.

Your home workout begins with a warm up, then moves through two sections where you do several "rounds" of exercises. Then you finish with a cool down.  The whole workout should take about 30 minutes.

To do this total body workout, find an area that is clear and free from furniture or other obstacles.  Use the photos as a guide to move through each exercise with proper form.  JR recommends that you use common sense when you exercise. Don't overexert yourself and stop if you feel sick in any way.

Step 1: Complete a 5 Minute Dynamic Warm-up

To prepare your body for more vigorous activity, do the following exercises:


Lower Body Exercises to Do at Home

Alternating Lunge. JR Allen

Total Body Celebrity Workout: Part One

During Part One of the Celebrity Home Workout, you complete three rounds of the following exercise combination: alternating lunges, squat jumps, plank and side lunges.  These exercises help to burn fat and calories while you shape the lower body and core.  Use JR's descriptions and photos as your guide to keep good form throughout each exercise.  Part One should take ten minutes to complete.

  • Alternating lunges: Step forward with the right leg, keeping your back straight. Bend your left leg at a 90 degree angle. Do 15 repetitions on each leg, alternating sides.
  • Squat jumps: From a squat position jump up in the air and return to squat position. Repeat for 45 seconds.

Get Celebrity Abs With a Plank Exercise

Plank. JR Allen

Want the abs of a celebrity? The plank exercise can help you get them. This essential core workout is a staple in celebrity gyms and health clubs across the country.

Plank: Hold plank position on your forearms or hands (if comfortable) Make sure your back is straight and abs and glutes (butt muscles) are tight. Hold for 45 seconds.

The plank exercise is a great way to strengthen the muscles in your torso, including the abdominal and back muscles.  If you can't hold the position for 45 seconds, start with 15 and build from there.


Sculpt Celebrity Legs with Side Lunges

Side Lunge with curls. JR Allen

This next exercise will help you sculpt legs that are red-carpet ready. The side lunge helps to shape your thighs, your calves and your glutes (your booty!)

Side lunge with curls: From a neutral standing position, step out to the right. The left leg is straight when the right knee bends, but don't bend your knee past your toes. Arms stay down on either side of your right leg. Press up from your right leg to return back to the standing position and do a biceps curl with both arms. Try to use 5 -10 pound weights. Repeat 20 times alternating sides.


Burn Calories and Strengthen the Total Body

Plank rows. JR Allen

As you continue to do your celebrity workout, you'll do 3 rounds of these exercises: plank row, high knees, alternating crunch and squat push-press.  Again, use JR's photos as your guide for good form.  It should take about ten minutes to complete this section.

  • Plank Rows: Begin in plank position and row one arm straight back.  Keep your elbow near the body and move it 3- 4 inches higher than your back. Keep your back steady and don't rotate your hips. Do 15 repetitions, alternating sides.
  • High Knees: Run in place with knees lifted as high as possible for 45 seconds. This will elevate your heart rate and help you to burn more fat and calories.

These exercises will increase your heart rate and strengthen muscles in your whole body.


Alternating Crunch Curls to Blast Belly Fat

Alternating crunches. JR Allen

The next exercise is called an alternating crunch. It helps to strengthen and define the muscles in the middle and the sides of your belly.

Alternating Crunch: You'll need to be on the ground for this exercise.  Use a mat if you have one handy.  Start by laying on your back and move into a crunch position. Knees are bent and lower legs stay parallel to the floor and lifted off the ground. Rotate your torso so that you bring the right elbow to your left knee.  Then alternate sides. Try not to pull on your head as you move through this exercise for 60 seconds.


Celebrity-Style Squat Challenge

Squat press push. JR Allen

Continue the Celebrity Home Workout with a Squat Push Press.  This challenging exercise will raise your heart rate and help build strength in the lower and upper body.  It also helps to shape your legs, hips, thighs and shoulders.

Squat push-press:  You'll want to use 5-10 pound weights for this exercise if possible.  Start in a squat position, with your glutes behind your knees and your back straight.  Try to keep your weight in your heels.  The next slide demonstrates how to finish this exercise.


Celebrity Workout: Cool Down

Squash press push finish. JR Allen

To finish the Squat Push Press, lift up from your squat position and press your arms overhead. Press through your heels to lift the weights straight up into the air. As you press up from squat position and off your heels, press weights straight up in the air. Repeat this exercise 15 times. 

Finish the celebrity home workout with a cool down. Do 5-10 minutes of light stretching to relax the body. Sample stretches might include touching your toes for a hamstring stretch or cat/cow pose on your hands and knees. You can also use a foam roller for to roll out your back, the back of legs and calves.

Congratulations on completing JR Allen's celebrity home workout! Want more home workout tips? Check out How to Start a Weight Loss Program at Home for diet and exercise advice.

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