9 Size-Inclusive Activewear Brands That Celebrate Body Positivity

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When it comes to your sweat sessions, well-designed activewear can help you perform your best. But what if your body doesn’t fit society's preconceived notions of a “fitness physique?” 

Curvier women have long struggled with finding performance wear that properly fits their bodies. Up until recent years, many brands only extended sizing to an extra-large. Women larger than this were forced to wear men’s workout clothing or baggy, oversized t-shirts.

Similar struggles can be seen for women who are shorter or taller than average clothing is designed to fit. No one wants to worry about hemming athletic clothing—or on the flip side, dealing with winter leggings that are too short, leaving skin exposed to the elements.

It’s time for us to celebrate, though! Finally, retailers are starting to take notice that all of these women are active too. These 10 brands are breaking barriers and showing that women of all shapes and sizes—from small to big, thin to curvy, short to tall—deserve fitness gear that fits.


Nike plus size and para athlete model
Photo Credit: Nike

In 2019, Nike revamped its flagship store in London with welcome additions—plus-size and para-sport mannequins to showcase the company’s commitment to diversity. The plus-size model generated surprising backlash, most notably with a Telegraph article that claimed Nike was promoting obesity.

Many body positive advocates stepped up to the plate, praising Nike for producing clothes and models that help make every woman feel comfortable. Criticizing women is not the answer; supporting women at every size to embrace activity they love is a better choice.

With leggings and training tops that go up to size 3X and sports bras that range into size G, women can find Nike clothing to fit their needs.

Also, let’s not overshadow the para-sport mannequin—likely the first of its kind in the fitness industry. Just like people of different sizes and different races, people with disabilities also deserve to be celebrated. Nike is steps ahead of many other brands in their inclusive representation.

Skirt Sports

Women of different shapes and sizes outdoors in fitness attire
 Photo Credit: Skirt Sports

Take a quick glance at the Skirt Sports website and you’ll feel like you immediately fit in. The photos of women wearing the apparel look like they could be your next-door neighbor or your best friend—approachable, diverse, and size-inclusive.

Skirt Sports was founded by Nicole DeBoom, a former pro triathlete. One day on a training run, DeBoom caught a glimpse of herself in a storefront mirror. She didn’t like the fit of the clothes she was wearing and just wanted to feel pretty—even while running.

Inspired by those thoughts, she created a women’s running skirt. As described on its website, Skirt Sports was founded “with the goal of helping women find strength, power, and happiness through running.”

“One of the things I really appreciate about Skirt Sports is all the effort they put into the plus line before it launched," Natali Villarruel, a Skirt Sports Ambassador, tells Verywell. "Nicole put together a Facebook group for plus size ambassadors to get our feedback about sizing, fit, and styles throughout the entire process. They were very transparent and it made me feel like my voice had an impact on the decisions they were making.”

Most skirt styles range from XS to 2XL, and there are a few products that range into 3XL.


A woman in Rsport activewear along a paved trail
 Photo Credit: Rsport

Rsport prides itself on producing clothing for the “Athena Athlete.” If you’re familiar with triathlon, you may recognize this category—Athena is a racing weight class for females who weigh 165+ pounds. Many Athena athletes are disproving mainstream beliefs that those of a higher weight can’t be healthy and active.

“We were launched on the foundation of inclusion," founder CJ Riggins tells Verywell. "The idea is to build for the body in front of you, and if 67% of us are Athena and plus size, then that's who needs a product to participate in athletic activities!”

“As a society, we tell plus-sized women that they need to lose weight and get in shape," says Ambassador Mia Slager, a loyal fan. "Yet, the activewear industry excludes many of the sizes needed for those same women."

Slager says, "This company is devoted to creating functional and attractive athletic apparel for women in size large to 6X. They create each piece with the Athena body in mind, as opposed to just making the pieces larger to fit. Details like flat lock seams, stretchy waistbands, and longer length shorts are just a few of the features I appreciate!”

Rsport makes training tops and bottoms, as well as two-piece triathlon kits. We're a fan of the colorful multisport capris which can easily cross over from a gym workout to an outdoor jog.


model candice huffine in day/won athletic apparel
 Photo Credit: DAY/WON

When you take action to feel like your best self, that’s what makes for a “day won” according to body positive model Candice Huffine. This thought—and the fact that she struggled to find the right activewear during her own forte into running—was the impetus behind the creation of her DAY/WON clothing line, powered by activewear manufacturer Ziel.

Huffine strives to create clothing for women of all shapes and sizes that allows them to challenge themselves and feel strong and unstoppable. With sizes from 0 to 32, DAY/WON is truly an inclusive line.

The shopping experience on the website also offers a unique feature that’s not present on many other retail sites—it describes what size the model in the photos is wearing. This extra information helps women better understand the right sizing to choose for their body type (in addition to a thorough size guide).

Our top pick? The wild full-length leggings, which come in bright colors and patterns to let your personality shine through.

Super Fit Hero

A woman in Superfit Hero clothing next to a pole
 Photo Credit: Roz Mays

Superfit Hero believes fitness is for everybody—and that’s why it is passionate about making clothing for athletes of all sizes.

Just a quick glance at the sponsored athletes showcases the brand’s commitment to these ideals. One of these athletes is Roz “The Diva” Mays, pictured above, a dynamic pole dancing instructor and personal trainer.

Roz tells Verywell, “Superfit is changing the size inclusivity game by being... *drum roll *...inclusive. [The] merch ranges from XS to 5XL, which is damn near unheard of in any genre of clothing. Finally, I feel like larger athletes are being acknowledged and celebrated!”

In addition to clothing, Superfit Hero also offers a "body positive fitness finder" on its website. If you've ever felt shamed out of a fitness class or gym for your looks, this tool is designed to help you find a location that will celebrate you—no matter what you look like.


A woman stretching her hamstring
 Photo Credit: K-DEER

Want a bright pop of color to add to your workout wardrobe? From the signature striped leggings to “bum bum” shorts (great for yoga or paddleboarding), you’re sure to find a fun, colorful style that fits your personality with K-DEER.

The brand offers sizes from XS to 4XL, and the products are loved by men and women alike. Though traditionally made for yoga, the line is also great for running, boxing, or gym workouts.

"K-DEER became a game changer nine years ago when it started producing colorful bottoms for hot yoga, when everyone was stuck in a self-conscious state of black yoga pants," says Kristine Deer, the founder of the brand. "We empower women and men with the opportunity to wear what makes them happy, encouraging confidence with our colorful, expressive styles. We feature all body types on our product listings and online marketing so that all bodies understand that this brand is for them."

Bonus: Each one of the signature stripe leggings is named after an influential woman and supports a cause they care about. You can feel good ordering knowing that 5% of proceeds goes directly to nonprofit organizations.


photo courtesy of Athleta

It’s not surprising that a brand known for its “power of she” campaign would also be a brand that celebrates size inclusivity. Athleta sits with Old Navy under the Gap, Inc. umbrella and produces a highly popular line of women’s activewear.

The standard line offers sizes XS-XL, with an extended size line that goes from 1X-3X. While not all styles are offered in the extended size line, there is still a wide variety. The company reports recently revamping the fit of this line, and as such, it's starting with a smaller range of products to ensure customers are happy with the new fit and style.

In addition to this sizing, Athleta takes the extra step to offer regular, tall, and petite fits for many pieces. For shorter or taller athletes, the ability to select this in addition to the standard sizing is a game-changer.

“Athleta has always been great about including a variety of shapes and sizes," says Erica Agran, blogger and leader of an Athleta run club. "They do a great job of creating flattering styles that fit various shapes. I lead a run club for Athleta and we welcome runners of all abilities and paces, too, which I love. We encourage all comers to join and move with us.”

And here's our favorite part about Athleta: If you buy a piece and don’t like the fit, the brand has a “give it a workout” guarantee. If you try it for a workout and don’t like it, you can still return it to any store for a full refund.


A woman in Fabletics clothing outside
 Photo Credit: Amber Battishill

Fabletics is well-known in the activewear world for its innovative subscription-style solution to fitness attire needs. Each month, VIP members are able to shop stylish workout gear for a standard monthly fee. Members receive discounted rates on certain products and early access to new launches—but you can also skip the membership and shop piece by piece if you’d like.

With sizes from XXS to 4XL, Fabletics has pieces for bodies of different shapes and sizes. And with this brand, there’s no need to choose between function and fashion since the products are a perfect blend of both.

Amber Battishill, blogger and influencer, says she loves showcasing Fabletics in her Instagram posts. 

“I think that it's amazing that Fabletics is size inclusive when it comes to their activewear (and that more brands should do so too)!" she says. "Everyone and every BODY should be able to find comfortable, stylish and functional activewear to help them reach their health and fitness goals (or to just rock an awesome athleisure look)."

Batishill also explains the importance of this sizing and says "wearing ill-fitting activewear that doesn't offer support or constantly need to be adjusted can really become bothersome. Athletes come in all shapes and sizes so it only makes sense that more activewear brands start creating functional and fashionable clothing for women of all sizes.”

Girlfriend Collective

Three women of different shapes and sizes outdoors in fitness gear
 Photo Credit: Girlfriend Collective

With sizes XXS through 6XL, Girlfriend Collective is another brand that embraces women of all sizes. Its website is full of women with different body types, different races, and different ages—truly representing all women through its marketing.

Not only is Girlfriend Collective passionate about body inclusivity—it's also a leader in ethically made activewear. The clothing is made from recycled water bottles and fishing nets, helping to address pollution concerns in a unique way. Each pair of leggings uses 25 recycled water bottles; each bra uses 11 bottles.

The quality of the fabric is impressive and built to last, making it less likely that users will toss it after just a few workouts.

We're currently loving the Topanga Bra, a combo sports bra and crop top that's super supportive and comes with adjustable criss-cross straps. Never again will you have to worry about excessive movement during your workout!

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By Chrissy Carroll, RD, MPH
Chrissy Carroll is a registered dietitian and USAT Level I Triathlon Coach, and the author of "Eat to Peak: Sports Nutrition for Runners and Triathletes."